The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Guest Fashion

The wedding season is just around the corner, and we all have at least one wedding to go to. The first question we ask is: what are we going to wear? And sometimes we have a tough time deciding. Well, if you are wondering, don’t search for options any longer, because we are offering you some that will definitely make you look fabulous.

Classic Wedding Fashion – Dresses

The most popular outfit for a wedding is most certainly a dress. It can be a classic wedding guest dress that goes just below your knees, either tight or loose. Maxi dresses have also become very popular in the last few years. What you should stay away from at a wedding are mini dresses, especially if they are tight. Besides not being very comfortable to spend the whole day in, they are simply not appropriate wedding attire. One more thing you should avoid is wearing white dresses, especially if they are long because you don’t want to steal the attention from the bride. An interesting option for a casual wedding look can be a shirt dress in burgundy or olive green.

You can accessorize it with a belt and shoes in black or beige. You will look chic and elegant at the same time. If you want something even more unique, why not wear a knee-length, button-down dress in orange with some brown heels and big retro earrings. Your look will be fun, creative, and wedding-appropriate.

Chic and Easy – Pants

If you don’t want to go with the classic wedding look, opt for pants. There are many different styles you can achieve by wearing pants. High-waisted, pastel shades combined with a blazer in the same colour will make you look feminine and stylish. You can of course always accessorize it with big statement earrings and a shoulder purse with a chain. Although small, this detail will make you look a bit edgy and interesting.

On the other hand, although not many have tried this, jeans can actually be a great outfit for a small, intimate wedding where there isn’t a specific dress code to follow. You can find quality women’s jeans online at Mavi, which will be a perfect fit for a wedding. The best option may be dark denim since it is the most elegant and easy to combine. As for the top, you can go with a silky blouse in any colour you like, and match your shoes to it. High-waisted jeans will look more stylish than low-ride, which you should avoid. In addition, choose slim fit jeans, rather than mom or boyfriend because they will make you look way too casual. To style up your whole jeans look, you can wear big sunglasses and a shiny necklace, or simply let your makeup and lipstick do the talking.

Elegant and Fashionable – Pantsuits

Although pantsuits may sound like a business look, in the last couple of years they have become pretty popular, and many available designs let you wear pantsuits even to a wedding. Airy materials that make it look effortless yet smart elegant are the best option. As far as the colours go, let your imagination and creativity go wild. Pastels and light colours are great for a summer wedding, while for a winter one you can choose purple, red or olive. In both cases, a low, effortless bun, simple make-up, wrist watch, and stud earrings will complete the look. Just don’t choose an overly formal, business style.

Fun and Stylish – Skirts

If you can’t find a dress you like, wearing a skirt to a wedding is also an option. Pleated, midi skirts are the talk of the town right now, and they go so well with everything. Chunky heels and a shirt are all that you need. To make things more interesting, choose grey or blue metallic colours. You can wear it with a classic, monochrome shirt. This outfit is fashionable and fun in itself, especially if you play with colours and designs. Animal prints are not the best option for a wedding, but you have many other prints and colours to choose from. Another option when it comes to skirts which are also very IN right now is midi, pencil skirts. They also look great in pastels, although any colour (even black) will do, as long as you pair it with something brighter to make a contrast.

Pump heels and a spaghetti-strap shirt would look amazing with a pencil skirt. Loose waves or a messy, high bun are some of the interesting hairstyles you can try. To open it all up a bit, choose a cleavage shirt since the skirt is longer.

Although weddings are an occasion you should look elegant at, there is no reason you can’t have fun with styles, colours, and designs. Even the most basic, classic pieces can find their way into your wedding outfit. The classic wedding looks, meaning midi or maxi dresses, will always be in. Whatever option you choose, hopefully, you could find some ideas or inspiration here.