The Do’s And Don’ts Of Planning An Elopement

An elopement is preferred by many couples today for various reasons. Aside from being more intimate and less stressful to plan, this method of tying the knot usually comes with more choices for locations and venues. This alternative to big weddings is perfect for couples who want to pass on family drama, stressful wedding preparations, and a heftier wedding budget.

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While planning an elopement is generally easier, it’s best to know what to do and what not to do during its preparation stage. After all, much like a wedding itself, elopement also requires you to deal with wedding suppliers and other professionals who can help you make your special day a memorable event.

It’s crucial to be mindful of the dos and don’ts of planning an elopement as stated below:

1. Do Plan Early

The most crucial tip for eloping is to plan early. One of the most necessary aspects to prepare beforehand is your documents and wedding legal requirements. You must apply for a marriage certificate regardless of whether you’re eloping or getting married the traditional way. Make sure you know ahead of time what your state’s requirements are for obtaining a marriage license, so you have it ready.

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Consider how you want to be wed, whether by a licensed officiant or an ordained person among your pool of relatives and friends. Aside from the marrying elements, plan the reception and all the necessary details. There are all-inclusive elopement packages you can consider, making your planning so much more convenient and hassle-free.

From the bride and groom’s wedding attire to the venue and photography, you will need to cover them all early to be more organized and successful. In addition, planning the event in advance allows you to be more flexible in case problems with particular suppliers or aspects of the occasion arise.

2. Do Hire The Right People

Opting for an intimate wedding does not mean you have to do everything yourself. While some aspects can be through the DIY route, like your wedding invitations, you will still need the help and expertise of wedding professionals. The couple can reduce stress by hiring a local wedding planner. It’s essential to know the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator so you can hire the one you need most.

You may not even know about some of the under-the-radar or extraordinary places a planner can suggest. They have a vast pool of contacts in the wedding industry so you can benefit from their resources and network. Aside from a planner, think of all the other suppliers you need for your elopement. This can include your wedding cake maker, photographer, makeup artist, and so on.

3. Do Prepare For Your Family And Friends’ Reactions

The thing about an elopement is that you can’t invite every close friend and family member you have. And this could particularly hurt some special people in your lives, which is why you need to prepare yourself early on. While some of them can easily understand where you’re coming from, you will need to anticipate the reactions of those who are not invited to the ceremony.

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Ideally, you should tell your immediate family members early on, so they won’t feel hurt and disappointed with your decisions. If budget and time permits, find a way to spend some time with other close friends and families you don’t plan to invite during your elopement. This alternative get-together is effective in alleviating and soothing ill feelings. Also, it’s best to communicate about your decisions face to face rather than announce them on social media.

4. Don’t Forget To Budget Everything

Don’t risk overspending on your elopement simply because you failed to set the budget. Discuss your financial concerns with your partner ahead of time. This is a smoother way to plan your elopement. You may receive some monetary support from your parents if you involve them from the beginning.

The key is to determine how much the price ranges take up your elopement and set a budget to stick with. You can also choose to go for elopement packages if your budget allows.

5. Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than You Deserve

This tip is as important as the rest. Don’t ever settle on anything less than you deserve. Despite choosing elopement over traditional weddings, there’s no reason for you to downplay your wedding day. You should never lose sight of the importance of celebrating your love, regardless of how big or small it is.

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If you dream of eloping or planning one already, there are many ways to make it even more special. First, decide what wedding variables matter to you most and ensure everything turns out according to how you dream it would be. No matter how intimate this celebration is, it should be filled with love, laughter, and happy memories.


Even though eloping seems like a simple way to get married, there are still many details to consider and plan. This is why it’s crucial to prepare for your elopement beforehand. You can develop a more organized and well-prepared intimate wedding celebration for your close family and friends by knowing the do’s and don’ts.