The Complete Guide To Writing Wedding Place Cards

A wedding is a special occasion in the lives of two people who have decided to marry. Some prefer to hold private events with close friends and relatives, while others prefer to organize large-scale celebrations. If you are inviting friends and family to this event, make sure that each of them has a seat reserved ahead of time. Making a plan and placing cards will ease this task!

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Place cards are an important organizing and stylish element of a wedding celebration and any other special occasion as well. As a result, it is critical to approach the issue of creating cards with caution and consider everything from their design to the text that will be written on them.

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Here are the most important details to remember when learning how to write wedding place cards.

What Is the Purpose of a Wedding Place Card?

It is common for newlyweds’ relatives not to get along. However, you cannot invite some while excluding others. To avoid quarrels at the celebration, you can arrange seating for guests in a special way, placing people who get along well next to each other.

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After all, communication among guests is also essential for keeping a festive atmosphere, especially when they are seated at the same table. As a result, place cards serve several important functions:

  • Assist guests in finding their places;
  • Help to avoid confusion and controversy;
  • Complement the elegant decor of the banquet tables.


Place cards, unlike wedding invitation cards, do not necessitate extensive text preparation. There are websites where you can not only save time but also find ideas for messages to your guests.

How Do You Write Wedding Place Cards?

Couples who did not have wedding place cards understand that seating guests at the start of a wedding celebration can cause chaos. And if there are a lot of guests, it can take a long time to place them all by yourself.

It is much better to plan who and where will sit even before the wedding, to make cards with names and pass them on to the waiters so that they can put them where it is necessary. Alternatively, you can put them yourself before the wedding.

As a result, you will save time when seating guests and add an element to the design of the wedding table. Furthermore, place cards can be included as part of the small gifts that newlyweds traditionally give to their guests.

Dimensions And Design

The standard size of a wedding place card is 110×65 mm. The key point of the place card’s design is a stunning colour palette that complements the event’s colour palette and style.

The traditional combination of white paper and black calligraphy can be replaced with a striking combination of silver ink and black paper or gold ink and wine shade paper. Cards with guest names can be made out of a variety of materials and styles.  Want to know more about calligraphy?  Check it out here

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Everything is up to your imagination and the overall theme of the wedding because each element must be harmoniously combined with others. Among the most popular choices are:

  • A rectangular “house” of cardboard or paper placed on the guest’s plate;
  • A plate on the stand;
  • A figure with a person’s name;
  • A tape with the name on it on napkins;
  • A gingerbread cookie with a glazed name.


If it is cardboard, it can be traditional, rectangular, or any other shape. Such cards, for example, can be made in the shape of a “heart,” “star,” or other figures symbolically associated with the groom and bride. You can also take different forms for men and women – it will be clear from a distance who is sitting where which will speed up the seating process.

Presentation On The Table

Before creating your wedding place cards, consider where and how they will be placed. If these are ordinary cardboards, for example, it makes sense to add a decorative element to them so that they do not appear mundane or resemble cheap restaurant reservations.

Place Card Holders

The most basic option is to purchase a place cardholder. They are available in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes. These holders resemble narrow single clamps on a long stick or extremely strong springs. The attached paper sheet will not fall on the table thanks to the clamp.

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You can also use origami techniques to create voluminous cubes, baskets, or other paper structures to which you can attach cards. Alternatively, paper figures with names can be placed on plates, or placed on champagne glasses.

Make sure there is something inside if you decide to make boxes with place cards on them. Put small gifts inside them, for example. Placing empty boxes on tables, according to popular belief, is a bad omen for newlyweds.


Small flowers with names on pots or toppers will be lovely, cosy, and ideal for a summer wedding. It is not necessary to take risks with cut living flowers, which can curl quickly, to accomplish this. And artificial flowers at a wedding are bad manners. The best solution is to buy small succulents in pots for this.

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These desert plants are unpretentious, resembling cacti and looking very cute. Among the many species, choose those that are best suited to the colour and shape of the wedding party. Moreover, guests are unlikely to overlook such a unique addition. They will take a piece of the wedding to their home and keep memories of your celebration for a long time.


When designing a card for placing guests, many details must be considered. However, it is a fascinating process that brings nothing but pleasure: you select paper, practice in various fonts, give different fonts freedom and create beautiful colour combinations that will be an ideal addition to your wedding celebration.