The Best Man Checklist

Everything You Need to Know

Being chosen as the best man at your buddy’s wedding is a huge honour, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. If you’re wondering what all that entails, then check this guide for all of your brotastic duties.


Ring Hunting

Your friend might have already picked out a gorgeous ring to seal the deal, but best men are required to join the hunt if they haven’t. You don’t need to do anything here other than offer moral support and a few honest opinions on which rings look best.

Corral the Gents

Once your buddy picks out the rest of the lineup, become the leader of the pack and get the guys together. Head to a bar, go golfing, do whatever you all enjoy so the group can get together and exchange contact information. It’s highly advised that you start a group chat to stay up to date on the wedding’s events.

It is also your responsibility to put the groomsmen’s outfits together, or at least help.

Main duties include:

    • Making sure the outfits are ordered/rented on time
    • Picking the outfits up
    • Ensuring the guys pay for their suits
    • Making sure the guys get their suits tailored if need be

Be the Right-Hand Man

Whatever your buddy needs during this special time in his life, do your best to make it happen. Planning a wedding is stressful, which is why your support is crucial to keeping him from having a full-on panic attack.

Always ask if there’s anything you can help out with from travel coordination to making necessary phone calls to inquire about DJs, catering, or photographers. In the meantime, you should also plan an amazing bachelor party to help him take a load off.

Don’t go too crazy, and make sure to keep his best interests in mind.  Maybe a weekend casino trip is his idea of forgetting about the stresses of the past month, or perhaps a fishing trip is more his speed. Whatever he likes, get the guys together and give him one last friend-cation to remember.

The last part of being his right-hand man is to memorize the wedding to a T. You need to know every how every moment should play out down to the minute since you’re going to oversee things while your friend enjoys his big day.


Making the Day Matter

While you’re getting ready with the groom, pop open some cold ones to relax the mood. Take the load off of his shoulders by making it your duty to oversee the groomsmen and keep an eye on the clock. Keep everything running on time until the moment he exchanges rings with his new spouse.

Look attentive while standing in the ceremony, you are going to be in a million photos, and don’t forget to sign the marriage license afterwards.

Host The Reception

Okay, you aren’t really considered the host, but everyone knows the best man and maid of honour are keeping everything in line. After you’ve entered the reception with the MOH, everyone has eaten and you’ve made your toast, treat the rest of the day like you would if you threw a get together at your own house.

Is the groom hydrated and full instead of ready to blackout? Is the wedding car ready to go afterwards? Are the guests enjoying themselves, or has that one creepy uncle no one wanted to invite causing a muck? It’s your responsibility to oversee it all.


After the party is over, take care of any loose ends such as handing out tips, cleaning up, or gathering up the gifts. These aren’t the easiest things to remember after a celebration but going the extra mile for your friend is exactly what he needs. Besides, checking off every item on this list just made you the best of the best men in history.