The Best Fairy-Tale Wedding Ideas to Make Your Day More Magical

Small or big, every couple wants their wedding to be special and unique. Sometimes, all you need to do is add a detail or two to turn it into a ceremony anyone will unlikely forget. Or, you can turn it into an extravaganza of décor and fashion. However, it’s always about romance, and nothing depicts it better than those stories with a happy ever after ending. As our gift to you and in the spirit of eternal love, here are the best fairy-tale wedding ideas to make your day more magical.

Turn it into a Fairy-Tale Masquerade

Imagine having a slew of magical creatures attending your wedding! Cinderella, Gandalf, Harry Potter, and other characters wield magic in books, video games, movies, and TV shows. Having a themed wedding is always popular, and turning it into a masquerade will make it even more remarkable.

To avoid having several same characters, we suggest you create a website with suggestions to choose from. That way, you will avoid having unwanted characters, turning your wedding into a fairy tale you write for yourself.

Hang Romantic Lights

Imagine having an evening wedding just as the sun starts to set in the sky, giving it an orange-pink hue. These types of ceremonies are perfect to have in the park, a botanical garden, or in your backyard. The only thing that can make it more magical is hanging solar fairy lights from tree branches, on bushes, or on a wedding arch.

You can place them in the jar and put on the table instead of candles and stick them along the aisle. Since they come in all sorts of shapes and types of illumination, you can use different colours to create a fantastic ambience.

Use Dried Flowers for Decorations

Dried flowers are a great way to decorate wedding invitations, use them as a hair accessory, or turn them into a bridal bouquet. It gives you lots of options considering they come in a variety of colours and shapes, that you can easily pair up with your romantic theme, as well as gown and suit. Our favourite is a fascinator made from pampas grass and combined with dried baby blue roses and bleached fern.

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The combinations are endless, and you can go with neutral shades or let it burst with colours. The best thing is that once the wedding is over, you can keep the dried flower arrangements as a memento of the day you exchanged vows.

Wear an Embroidered Wedding Dress

If you are planning a wedding in nature or leaning toward the forest theme, you need a special dress. Haute couture has some beautiful designs that will turn you into a fairy-tale princess. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can still look equally stylish and Bohemian.

Stop by thrift stores and look for vintage pieces of clothing, or buy fabrics with embroidered images. Both options give you details and materials to add to your wedding dress, or to sew one from scratch. Not only will this give you the gown you will be happy with, but also make it one of a kind and therefore unparalleled to any other out there.

Embellish with Faux Butterflies

A fairy-tale scene can hardly exist without butterflies. Using real ones is unethical and thankfully you have lots of artistic and artificial options to pick from. For example, they can be part of your veil or shoe decoration, and your florist can add them to a bouquet or flower arrangements for the table. Hanging some on the string from above the reception area will appear as though they are flying above the guests’ heads.

Set up a Chocolate Fountain on a Buffet Table

While being creative with food can be tricky due to the dietary restrictions of some guests, a chocolate fountain will hardly turn anyone away from the buffet table. After all, not many people can say no to running chocolate you can dip marshmallows and strawberries in. If you are having a large wedding party, have two or more chocolate fountains so everyone can have a taste.

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You can have all sorts of fruits for dipping, as well as Graham crackers, mini muffins, and macaroons. Salty treats can be an interesting mix of flavours, and even the dipping sauce can be white chocolate, peanut butter, or caramel.

Decorate with Flowers and Leaves

Fresh flowers and green leaves are what a romantic setting is all about for many couples. Flower arrangements enveloping the wedding arch or turning into giant bouquets around the altar are classic. Roses, peonies, jasmine, tulip, and gardenia are some of the most popular wedding flowers because of their variety of sizes, shapes, and colours.

To turn your wedding venue into a fairytale, choose gentle colours, like lilac, white, and pink. Our absolute favourites are carnations that come in a wide range of colours and invoke the feeling of joy with their fluffy blooms.

Send Storybook-inspired Invites

Wedding invitations give you room to be creative with style and message. Think of making a storybook you used to have as a kid with yellowish pages and artistic fonts. You can start it as any fairytale begins, with “Once upon a time…” and tell a funny and romantic story of how you two met.

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Birds, flowers, and leaves can be the main motif of drawings, or you can come up with something more unique and hire an artist to bring it to life. Other ideas may include gold print, silky bows, or lace, but the options are endless once you take a look at all the enchanting wedding invitations out there.

Prepare Fairy-tale Wedding Favours

When it comes to wedding favours, they can be anything — from chocolate chip cookies to small champagne bottles. But forget trying to come up with a perfect fairytale gift for your guests, and focus more on its presentation.

For instance, you can use tags with a “thank you” message depicting a romantic scene. A favourite box in the shape of a fairy-tale castle full of candy will be a treat for the eyes and taste buds. Or, if you want to turn the whole favour into a fairytale, you can give away crown candle holders or a vintage tea cup and saucer.

Order the Most Dreamy Cake

A cake is one of the staples of the wedding ceremony and so it must be perfect, in taste and appearance. An all-white minimalistic cake with some flowery decorations is the classiest classic you can have as part of your fairy-tale wedding. Alternatively, it can be anything but minimalist with colourful pastel flowers surrounding the cake and accompanied by gold leaves, as a semblance of the Baroque style.

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If you want to make it busier with details, opt for a creative or funny topper to place on the wedding cake. This can be the bride and groom as fairy-tale characters (Shrek is always a big hit), or it can be a writing of “Happily Ever After” in romantic lettering.

Create a Fantastic Photo Backdrop

A photo backdrop should be fun and gorgeous at the same time, offering the perfect spot to take pictures of and with your guests. An ideal fairy-tale backdrop would be a giant storybook opened on the story of you two and appropriately illustrated. But it’s not expensive as it sounds since you can print this as a 3D image and display it at the venue.

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Cardboard cut-outs are another entertaining way for wedding photo shoots. You can turn them into anything, like characters or a whole scene from a fantasy movie or book. We recommend incorporating your life-size cut-outs with these characters and scenes so guests can take photos during the whole ceremony without bothering you. Even better, place a few different ones throughout the venue for more amusing results.

Add Pearl Details

Pearls are white, glossy, and gentle-looking making them a marvellous wedding decoration. They can be part of the wedding gown, a hair accessory, details on the candles, or part of the bridal bouquet. You can attach a few to wedding invitations or a favour package.

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Yet, nothing evokes a dreamy vibe as effectively as decorating a cake with edible pearls. It may be another classic wedding staple, but it’s always trendy and can go with any fairy-tale theme, regardless of colour scheme or other decorations.

Swap the Veil for a Crown

The veil is a fairy-tale detail, although if you want something different, wear a crown instead. It can be made of golden flowers giving it an antique look and embellished with faux diamonds. Or you can choose a simple design, like a wreath made from wildflowers and meadow leaves. A headband with lace, pearls, or zircons can also pass for a crown, and be a better choice for braided hair buns that could be ruined by a crown.

Use Satin Ribbons and Fabrics for Decorations

When it comes to fabric, nothing looks better in a fairy-tale wedding than satin. This fluid and delicate fabric are perfect for giant bows on the chairs, to hang along the isle, or to use as wall decoration behind the newlyweds’ table.


Natural silkiness reflects a faint glow that will give the venue a dreamlike mood and a majestic vibe. While red bows are common as a symbol of love, we suggest a pastel shade to portray the gentleness of the fairy-tale style.

Customise the Place Settings

Plates and utensils are an important part of wedding decorations, especially when you are trying to create a fairytale décor for your wedding. Luckily, this gives you a myriad of options since vintage stores are full of carefully crafted plates with embossed details. Alternatively, you can choose the ones with flowery images on a white background or those with printed messages of love.

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If you are not satisfied with the plates provided by the reception venue, you can customise every place setting to fit your idea of a fairy-tale wedding. For example, create layers with plates arranged one on top of the other, neatly folded napkins on the right, and place cards on top of the dishes. Or, you can go for a classic white plate, silver utensils, rolled napkin on the side, and a flower wreath on top.

The Bottom Line

The best fairy-tale wedding ideas to make your day more magical don’t have to cost a lot to be alluring. Just like the bedtime stories when we were kids, they should be made from the heart, using imagination and creativity. That not only makes them personal but also one-of-a-kind and intimate for the couple getting married.