The Benefits of Using Neon Lights at Weddings

How can you make your wedding venue more enchanting and memorable? While there are many tricks to achieve that, you cannot go wrong with a vibrant neon sign. LED neon lights flash distinct colours, allowing you to select the ones that best complement your wedding theme.

If you want to feel more confident using these lights for your wedding décor, keep reading this article. It reveals six benefits of neon wedding lights and offers tips for choosing and applying these décor items. 

Six Benefits of Neon Wedding Lights

Wedding guests love to see inviting and vibrant reception areas. If you install neon lights for wedding at your reception, you will automatically capture your guests’ attention. Here are the benefits of these lights: 

1.    Unique Ambience

A wedding reception should have the right ambiance to excite guests. Its mood should be romantic and happy. Also, the reception area should look glamorous, inviting, and irresistible. You can achieve these things with a simple neon sign.

The neon sign can feature your name or initials or display a striking romantic phrase. Its flashing, colourful lights will effortlessly grab attention. 

2.    Customization

Creativity matters when selecting the best wedding decoration materials. Luckily, neon signs are easy to customize. You can personalize your wedding neon signs according to your colour palette. Moreover, you can select the most visible and enticing font style and colour.

Whether you need a single-line neon sign or a more complex one, you can draw it online with software. Alternatively, you can hire a signage designer to personalize your wedding neon light. Customization can let you create reusable neon signs that you can use during your first wedding anniversary. 

3.    Flexibility

Apart from being bespoke, wedding neon lights are flexible. Apart from creating a welcome neon sign, you can include these lights in other aspects of wedding decorations. For instance, you can use them to decorate some elements of your wedding tables, including centrepieces.

Furthermore, you can decorate a beautiful portrait of your lover and you with glowing neon lettering. An alternative to this is to surround your wedding photo booth with neon lights. Still, you can decorate your wedding aisle’s backdrop with a neon light.

Guests will also require directive signs to know where to head next. You can use LED neon signs for this work. If guests continue to party at night, you can use LED neon lights to decorate and illuminate the venue. Their flamboyant dancing lights will surely encourage the guests to enjoy the moment.

4.    Durability

When most people hear the word neon lights, they think of glass tube neon signs. Few know about the advanced LED neon signs that are safer and energy efficient. These lights are durable because they use LED bulbs that can last thousands of hours.

They also require minimal maintenance and careful handling to last this long. When choosing your wedding lights, consider those you can reuse. Neon lights offer these benefits, enabling you to recover your initial cost overall. 

5.    Affordability

You cannot go beyond your wedding budget when selecting reliable lighting. LED neon signs are a perfect consideration because they are cheaper than traditional neon tubes. Although their initial buying price may be relatively high, depending on quality, the installation work is simple.

If you love DIY projects, you can try installing neon signs for your wedding. You will not have to purchase a unique installation tool, keeping the cost low. Overall, neon signs are affordable to buy, reuse, and maintain overall while keeping the cost down. 

6.    Neon Lighting is Bright and Vivid

A wedding neon light will be one of the most captivating décor items in your reception area. It can light your reception beautifully at night and during the day. Neon lights make focal points that are hard to ignore.

They are full of grace, life, and passion, the trio that every wedding reception requires. You can use these signs to display a private message, names, initials, or a wedding date. 

Selecting the Best Neon Sign for Your Wedding Theme?

Now you know the benefits of neon wedding lights. The next question is this: How can you select the correct neon light for your wedding theme? Here are valuable tips for you:

  • Focus on Bespoke Neon Signs – Did you know that you can personalize your wedding glamor and elegance with neon signs? You can do that with bespoke neon signs. These are easy to personalize with the man’s surname, couple’s initials, or a witty love quote. Bespoke neon signs can serve as a symbol of your love forever, as you can place it in your bedroom after the wedding.
  • Choose the Correct Size – There is no standard size for a wedding LED neon signboard. Nonetheless, the most appropriate size for a small neon sign ranges from twenty to twenty-five inches. A medium one should be twenty-five to thirty-five inches. A large one should be bigger than thirty-five inches.
  • Match the Sign with the Theme – Only you can know the colours you have chosen for your wedding theme. When choosing the most suitable neon sign, consider matching it with the wedding theme colours. Once you blend the neon sign with your themes, it will have a timeless beauty that will capture everyone’s attention.
  • Choose Font Styles and Colours Carefully – Is your wedding theme a contemporary one? If yes, a modern font style will go well with it. If your theme is classic, a more fluid script will be applicable.
  • Consider Construction Materials – If you plan to do an outdoor wedding, ensure the neon sign material can withstand the elements. Moreover, you could be looking to use the wedding venue a few more days after the wedding. You want to use the same neon signage on your first anniversary. If that is the case, select sturdy construction materials for your signboard to ensure durability. 


How to Creatively Include Neon Wedding Signs in Your Event?

One of the benefits of neon wedding lights is that they can personalize the event and create the most unforgettable venue appearance. After selecting them well, use your creativity to incorporate them into your event. Here are tips for doing neon wedding décor:

  • Welcome Neon Sign – Design a radiant welcome neon sign and place it at the venue entrance. Guests will find the sign attractive and inviting.
  • Directional Neon Sign – A small neon sign is all you need to direct guests to different sections of the wedding reception. Its high visibility will ensure that guests will not miss the restrooms, cocktail section, and other crucial areas.
  • Decorate the Wedding Table – An oversized heart shape with a neon light embellishment will be impossible to miss.
  • Create a Neon Aisle Runner – All eyes will be on your bride as her father walks her down the aisle. You can decorate the aisle with vertical neon signs to make it more enticing.
  • Embellish Your Photobooth – Neon lighting can create the most breathtaking photobooth wall. You can use it to write a romantic script like “Better Together” and place it on the photobooth wall.
  • Highlight the Cake – A simple “Everlasting Love” neon sign can highlight your wedding cake area. 


Wrapping Up

A neon sign is a crucial tool for enhancing the appearance of the reception area. It can also help you direct guests to various parts of your venue. A neon sign’s colourfulness and beauty can call attention to the wedding cake, aisle, high table, entrance area, etc. Ensure you choose the correct neon lighting for your wedding to reap all the benefits of neon wedding lights.