The Benefits of Having a Dry Wedding

Planning a wedding can be an exciting experience. It’s a significant investment, but you’ll be creating a truly unforgettable day for everyone involved. Not to mention that you get to tailor the event to truly reflect you and your fiancé as a couple.

Nevertheless, it’s common for couples to feel like alcohol has to be a part of a wedding celebration. Yet, it’s not a necessary component of a great time.

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Indeed, alcohol consumption can result in wedding days that are memorable for all the wrong reasons. Instead, you can make the choice to host an alcohol-free wedding to ensure everyone has a great time and minimize the potential for negative consequences.

We’re going to look a little closer at the benefits you can experience by hosting a dry wedding.

Better Health and Safety

An alcohol-free wedding is a great way to prioritize your wellness and that of your guests. After all, alcohol is proven to have a range of negative impacts on various parts of the body. In the short term, its interactions with the central nervous system (CNS) result in unwanted mood fluctuations. Alcohol can also exacerbate digestive problems, such as acid reflux, and contribute to chronic renal disease.

It’s also worth considering the potential for alcohol to contribute to health-related issues during the wedding itself. One of the most immediate benefits of a dry wedding is the elimination of alcohol-related accidents. It’s not unusual for alcohol to impair guests’ judgment. This might lead to reckless behaviour, which increases the risk of injuries. This is especially important if guests are driving home after the reception. Without alcohol at the event, you can be playing a key role in ensuring your guests’ safety.


In addition, committing to a dry wedding can provide a more inclusive and welcoming environment for guests whose health prevents them from drinking, such as those who are required to abstain due to being on medications. Others may be navigating challenges related to addiction or mental illness. Others may simply choose not to drink for personal reasons.  Making your event an alcohol-free environment may mean all your attendees feel they can equally enjoy the festivities in comfort and safety.

Reduced Stress

Planning a wedding can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. There’s a significant amount of pressure to create a perfect day for everyone. Unfortunately, alcohol is among the food and drink items that tend to exacerbate stress. While it has a reputation for being soothing to nerves, it can disrupt your serotonin and dopamine levels, which can trigger stress symptoms.

It can be wise, therefore, to eliminate the presence of alcohol at your wedding to reduce the potential for stressful experiences. This isn’t just relevant from the perspective of the chemical effect it has on your body. Rather, one of the most significant benefits of a dry wedding is the absence of alcohol-induced drama. The last thing you want on your big day is the frustration caused by guests who have overindulged.

You can also find hosting a dry wedding can minimize some of the planning-related stresses you experience. After all, you no longer have to limit your venue choices to those with a liquor license. You don’t need to make contingency arrangements for guests who aren’t able to drive after the event. Instead, you can focus on arranging the components that make your wedding more meaningful and enjoyable.

Greater Financial Resources

It’s generally accepted that alcohol can be one of the most significant expenses of a wedding reception. On average, couples spend approximately $2300 on drinks alone. This amount also tends to rise the more guests you have at your event. Not to mention that you may also need to pay for experienced bar staff and even purchase liability insurance to mitigate costs associated with alcohol-related mishaps. When you commit to a dry wedding, you can funnel those savings into components that make your day more extravagant and memorable.

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Going dry doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your guests’ ability to enjoy indulgent treats. With the money you save from the alcohol costs, you can invest in a gourmet menu. The more money you can apply to this area, the greater the quality of ingredients and the more experienced caterers you can use. This can be a great opportunity to showcase your unique culinary tastes and preferences as a couple.

You might also consider utilizing the savings to provide your guests with other experiences. You may be able to pay for a better live band or DJ to create a lively atmosphere. It could also be the case that you’re able to afford a more creative wedding photographer. A dry wedding can help to pay for more personalized or extravagant favours or gift bags for guests to take away from them, too. The key is to establish how you can reinvest the funds in ways that boost the potential for positivity for you and your guests throughout the day.

Planning an Alcohol-Free Wedding

As part of planning your picture-perfect wedding, first start with all of the aspects you would for any wedding, including making decisions about choosing a venue and photographer, whether or not you want a first look, and creating a timeline for your wedding day.

In addition to the suggestions above, you can also take the following into account when planning your dry wedding. Considerations include:

  • Having a daytime or brunch wedding, when alcohol may not normally be served;
  • Adding mocktails to your wedding menu, and recognizing you can still have a bartender who serves alcohol-free drinks;
  • If and how to inform your guests that you will be having a dry wedding, including mentioning a no alcohol policy on your invitation.


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Remember too that, at the end of the day, the decision to not have alcohol at your wedding is your own.


While alcohol has been a traditional part of wedding celebrations, it’s worth considering the potential negative effects it can have on health, stress levels, and budget. Choosing to have an alcohol-free wedding can prioritize wellness and create a safe and inclusive environment for all your guests. Not to mention that you can use those financial resources to invest in a more extravagant and memorable day.

It’s not unusual to receive a little pushback from guests on this matter. It’s important, therefore, for you and your fiancé to collaborate on how you’ll calmly, but firmly respond to those who disagree. Have the confidence to make the decisions that are right for you and create the experience you’ll cherish for the rest of your married life.