The Art of Giving Money as a Wedding Gift:

Presentation Matters

Gift shopping is a tedious task. Finding the right items or specific things for the people you are purchasing gifts for isn’t always possible. Whether their dream item is sold out, costs too much, or they failed to tell you what they wanted, gift shopping can take a negative turn. Due to the intensity of modern-day gift shopping, many of us resort to giving cash instead. We all love getting to pick out our own gifts rather than potentially being disappointed.

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Wedding gift shopping increases the pressure to find the right gift in order to avoid making the married couple uncomfortable. So, if you decide on playing it safe and choosing money as a wedding gift, you still need to be careful. Often, simply giving money at a wedding comes off as lazy and forgetful. Giving money as a gift can be more special and luxurious when presented well. Here is how to master the art of giving money in an extravagant way.


Leaving money in a card is boring and distasteful. The first way you can put more effort into money as a gift is by focusing on appearance. Decide on colours, packaging, process and more. What you wrap/package the money in should match the wedding theme. For example, the wedding you are attending could have a dark green forest theme. Consider the colours and vibe of the wedding and incorporate them into the gift’s appearance. After making a decision on the packaging design, take the time to thoroughly construct the final product. Don’t rush with the design of the package/wrapping because that could show your lack of effort. After you have your appearance figured out, it’s time to decide the type of money you’ll be gifting.

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Type of Money

Money comes in a variety of forms. These forms include gift cards, cash, charities, free vacations, and more.

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You don’t have to just give cash as your gift. Maybe one member of the couple loves coffee, so they would appreciate getting a gift card to their favourite coffee shop. The other member of the married couple may passionately support a local charity, so you decide that you should set aside money that they can donate. In order to give the right type of money as a wedding gift, ask beforehand. Reflect on what you know about the couple, and ask them or their family about what they like to treat themselves to. Gifting somebody a method of money specific to them will make the gift far more personal. Usually, money comes with a card or message, so now you have to work on this part of the gift.


How you greet married couples can sway their overall reaction to your gift. Ensure that what you write in the card, letter or other format is authentic and genuine. Putting your effort and intentions of care into the message is important. Make sure to be personal and use words like dear and other affectionate phrases in your message. Whether you are a close relative, friend, or only on an acquaintance level relationship with the married couple, your message matters. Really, the goal of your message is to make the married couple feel special. The last detail after the written message is the overall presentation of your gift of money.


Overall Presentation

While you hand over your gift to the married couple, do it with clear intentions. Show them how excited and happy you are to provide them with your well thought out gift. Start a strong, meaningful conversation, and make the gift-giving moment memorable. While they open the gift, see how they react, and make sure to execute positive energy. If the couple asks why you got them the gift of money, explain your reason. They may love the gift even more if they know why you selected it. It’s a possibility that the married couple may not enjoy the gift despite all your efforts. Justify your decision, and respectfully receive their opinion. Applaud yourself if you are successful, and don’t beat yourself up about the couple being disappointed by your thoroughly planned gift.

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By spicing up the way you gift money, you certainly won’t be ashamed to resort to it as a wedding gift.

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