The Anxiety of Being a Wedding Guest

Finding a wedding invitation in the mail is exciting, but it carries a different weight in a post-pandemic world. People may feel nervous about venturing out into public spaces or interacting with strangers even if they received the vaccine. Brides should take extra care to learn about the anxiety of being a wedding guest to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Check out a few common concerns that your guests might have. There are a few specific ways to reduce or eliminate these anxieties so everyone has the same relaxing, romantic experience as you and your fiance.

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They Won’t Know the Area

Anyone who has to drive or fly in for your wedding likely won’t know the area. They might stress about where they get toothpaste if they run out or restock their shampoo. It’s an especially pressing concern for families who may have personal care emergencies with their little ones.

Email or mail a map of the area to your guests before they leave home. Point out popular restaurants, entertainment venues and even convenience stores so they know to find everything.

They Might Dance Alone

Social distancing rules and city ordinances may limit your guest list. If you can’t allow everyone to bring a plus one, they’ll worry about dancing by themselves and feeling lonely during the entire trip. Schedule a zoom call after receiving RSVPs and play a few ice breaker activities so everyone gets to know each other. They’ll have some knowledge of who they get along with before arriving and have an easier time mingling throughout the night.

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They May Want More Privacy

Even though state, federal and health officials may deem normal life safe again, your guests might prefer a bit more privacy. Sharing hotel hallways and standing in breakfast buffet lines with strangers might not sound appealing. The hotel industry’s standard quality service likely won’t return to pre-pandemic levels soon anyway because it has a long recovery ahead, so check out rental property options for your guests.

Suggest properties near your venue that have great prices for families, couples and individuals. They’ll arrange everything independently, but they’ll feel more at ease because they’ll have the entire place to themselves.

They Could Need More Time

It takes a while to prepare for an average trip. Families have to get their kids out of school, pack numerous bags and save for travel expenses. People who live by themselves will need to find boarding options for their pets and potentially book a ticket.

Now your guests could also have to quarantine before travelling to ensure a safe environment for everyone at the venue. Ease their nerves about feeling rushed by sending invitations and other wedding notifications early.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still recommends a 14-day quarantine or 10 days if a person has no symptoms and gets a negative test. Plan for everyone to need that time before your rehearsal dinner and other pre-wedding activities so your guests feel safe to arrive.

Think of Your Guests’ Anxieties

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Everyone deserves to have a fun, relaxing time at a wedding. Consider that your guests may feel these specific anxieties and take steps to mitigate them. Simple actions like adding a quarantine period to your wedding schedule or booking private rental homes will reduce post-pandemic travel nerves and help everyone have a great experience.