Surprise Weddings!

How To Pull Off The Ultimate Surprise Wedding

Do you want a wedding without any planning pressure from family and friends? If the answer is yes, a surprise wedding could be the right choice! An engagement party that doubles as a wedding could save you money and see you get married much sooner than you thought.

While a surprise wedding requires some secrecy and organisation, it is possible to have a successful, romantic, and sophisticated evening. When coronavirus restrictions have eased and we can  share moments with those closest to us again, why not celebrate with the ultimate surprise wedding?

Make it an Event Worth Attending

The first step is to make sure your guests attend. If you say it is a house party or afternoon BBQ it might not be enough to convince them to prioritise your invitation. An engagement party is a good excuse to get everyone together, and sets the right tone for the big reveal.


Decide early on whether or not you want a casual surprise wedding. For those who would still like to have a strict dress code and traditional reception, sending a formal invitation is recommended.

Prepare Your Photographer

When it comes to weddings, photography is one thing that is worth investing in. With a good photographer, you will have these memories captured forever as a reminder of your special day.

For a surprise wedding, an experienced photographer will be even more important. They should be prepared to capture the announcement and the pure excitement on the faces of your guests.

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Find the Perfect Venue

Even though it is a surprise for everyone else, this is still your wedding day so take the time to find the perfect venue. You may need to book in advance, but look for a space that can cater to both the ceremony and reception. The staff at the function venue should be aware of the big secret and help you come up with a plan based on their unique layout. Those with large guest lists may have to wait a bit longer to host their event, but it is never too early to start planning.

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For brides and grooms in Perth, Tradewinds Hotel is a great option. There are multiple rooms to choose from and romantic riverside views.  Some couples may prefer to have a surprise wedding at home, but remember you will need to provide catering.

Plan the Big Moment

Once your guests have arrived, how long do you want them to wait before you reveal all? This is a personal decision and may depend on the formality and style of your wedding.

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One way to do this is by having the bride hidden from view until everyone arrives. As the guests start to mingle the ceremony could begin. If you prefer, you can save the announcement for later in the evening when your friends and family are relaxed and not expecting it.

Alternatively, you may have already said your “I dos” at a registry due to the coronavirus pandemic, and this could be your surprise reception party.

Be Careful Who You Tell

To pull off the ultimate surprise wedding you will have to be very careful who you tell. While you may need to inform a few close friends or family members if help is required, the fewer people that know…the better. A smaller bridal party can work well with friends who you know will keep it top secret.

On your invitations, you can include accommodation details for your “engagement party” to ensure your guests are prepared for a night of eating, drinking, and dancing. Part of the fun will be planning the event with your fiance without any outside input. Try to avoid social media in the lead up to the big day, and be careful about who you follow and like, as this could give your guests a clue.

It’s Still a Wedding…

Remember, you will need a celebrant to make it official, and you may also like to consider a band for entertainment. Food and drinks should be a priority and chairs will be required for your guests. Your surprise wedding can be cocktail style with no allocated seating or sit down with formal table arrangements.

There will be other small details to think about. For example, does the bride need a dress to change into, do you want flowers, and will you have a wedding cake?


The process of planning your surprise wedding will be similar to a traditional one, but it will be your little secret. It will be hard to keep this to yourselves but when you finally witness the reactions of your guests…it will be well worth it!