Summer Weddings

All The Tricks To Keep Your Cool On Your Special Day!

It’s wedding season, and during the summer months, the temperature is set to rise. If you are busy preparing for your special day, you may be wondering how you will deal with the heat. The weather forecast can be unpredictable, but with some forward planning, you can be prepared for any temperature.

Here are our top tips to keep cool on your summer wedding day, and ensure your guests are comfortable as well:

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

When it is hot we sweat, and we should all make a conscious effort to drink more water. On your wedding day, you will be busy getting ready, entertaining, and having your photo snapped! It can be easy to forget to hydrate, but keeping a drink bottle close by will help. If you are drinking alcohol early, try to alternate each glass of champagne with a glass of water.

Don’t forget your guests! Make sure your venue has cold drinks on hand before, during, and after the ceremony or how about a cute Drink Station?

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Rethink the Dress Code

Summer weather in Australia can be in excess of 40 degrees, and you may like to reconsider the suits and long dresses. A cocktail wedding theme can still be glamorous while allowing your friends and family to wear short dresses, or a shirt and tie without a jacket.

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To embrace the summer vibe, consider a short wedding dress! It might not be traditional, but it can be adorned with white lace and paired with a veil for a mod bride look.

Have Plenty of Shade

Shade is essential for outdoor weddings, and your venue should be able to provide you with a solution. Whether it is leafy trees, an undercover area, or umbrellas, your guests will appreciate a place to sit without the sun glaring in their eyes. Include fans for an instant hit of cool – they also work well for fly control.

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For summer weddings, a backup plan is a smart idea. If the temperature does exceed your expectations, having the option to relocate indoors could just take away any wedding day stress.

The Time of Day

An outdoor wedding is still possible during the summer months, but it will be more pleasant in the late afternoon. Choose a time to suit any extreme weather, and keep your ceremony short and sweet.

Remember, you will likely be standing outdoors for photos and this can be difficult if the hot sun is in full force. Tradewinds Hotel, for example, has a beautiful Rooftop Terrace, or a balcony which both give you a unique view. As the sun sets your guests will enjoy sitting outside as your reception continues.

A Venue With Accommodation

Your bridal party and guests will appreciate not having to travel on a hot day when you choose a venue with accommodation. This is particularly useful if there is a gap between your ceremony and reception, as it allows everyone to “freshen up”.

Tradewinds Hotel summer wedding packages make the planning process easy, and the onsite luxury accommodation is perfect for your wedding night.

The Wrap Up

You can’t predict the weather, but you can take steps to make your bridal party and guests more comfortable. Drink water, provide shade, and find a venue with onsite accommodation! We hope you enjoyed our top tips for keeping cool on your summer wedding day.