Stylish Ways to Keep Warm at Your Winter Wedding

Choosing your wedding dress is a big deal for most brides. You want to wear the perfect dress that makes you feel as great as you look and then there are accessories to think about. Things like jewellery, headpieces and shoes shouldn’t take away from your look, but sometimes the choices might seem limited.

Winter brides also have to think about how they’ll stay warm on their big day. In addition to moving from their vehicle to their venue, which may not be well heated, they might want pictures outside as the sun sets or when the snow starts falling.

No matter what you have planned for your wedding day, you shouldn’t be cold and uncomfortable for the sake of your look. Check out these stylish ways to keep warm at your winter wedding. You won’t have to sacrifice your bridal style to stay toasty on your big day.

Wear a Fur Wrap

Fur has been a fashion statement almost as long as weddings have occurred. It’s used by high fashion lines all the way down to supermarket brand jackets, so it’s a flexible fashion piece that you can wear with your wedding gown.


Before you head out to go shopping, think about how you feel about fur. Some brides may feel that genuine fur is unethical, in which case you should look for faux fur jackets. Either version is widely available in different colours and styles. A wrap would fit snugly over your shoulders and typically reach down to your elbows, without sliding over your hair or makeup. It’s an easy way for brides to keep warm and make their wrap a statement piece.

A Cool Monogrammed Jacket

Most jackets are made with materials that are easily monogrammed, so why not order one that’s made especially for you? Work with a company or online seller to design a custom jacket that has your new last name on it, your wedding date or your initials. It’s extra adorable to get your significant other a matching jacket and take pictures in them during cocktail hour.


Don a Bridal Cape

Many brides don a bridal cape to keep warm at their wedding. Capes come in many different styles, colours and lengths, so you can find one to work with any dress you bring home. Brides who want a dress that’s more elegant and less flashy can use a cape as their statement piece before they put on their veil. Wear a thin jacket or wrap underneath to play with your layers and stay extra warm inside and outside your venue.


Carry a Statement Scarf or Shawl

If you’re looking to stay warm inside your venue and don’t expect to go out in freezing temperatures in your dress, you’ll need something light. A scarf or shawl is a great way to add a bit of extra layering to your look without carrying around something with bulk.


Find a scarf or shawl that’s made of a chunky knit or wool material in a colour that looks right for your wedding and check out how to wear scarves to decide how it will look on you. Drape it over your shoulders while you walk down the aisle and hang it over your elbows while you sit for reception speeches. You can always bundle it around your neck when you get chilly later on in the evening.

Keep Your Personal Style

Whatever you decide to use to keep warm at your wedding, don’t lose your sense of personal style. What looks good in another bride’s photos or in a magazine won’t look good on you if it doesn’t match your authentic self. Go with what feels right in your gut and you’ll stay warm at your winter wedding in a style that looks fabulous.