Styling Your Venue for Guest Satisfaction

Planning a wedding requires attention to detail. You get to daydream about small accent pieces like confetti on reception tables while also designing breathtaking flower arrangements. While you have fun coordinating everything, don’t forget about styling your venue for guest satisfaction.

Use these five tips to make your wedding planning easy. You’ll give your guests a great experience that won’t make them feel left out while you enjoy one of the best days of your life.

1. Include Photo Opportunities

Everyone gets dressed up for weddings, so they’ll want to take selfies along with photos of your venue and ceremony. Include photo and video opportunities by setting up a picture booth with props in your reception area. Kids and adults will have fun posing for each other while they snack during cocktail hour.

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You can also leave signs around your venue with your wedding hashtag. After the ceremony, scroll through the hashtag to see how your guests had fun. It’s a wonderful way to reflect on your big day while giving your guests an entertaining way to make memories.

2. Create a Traffic Pattern

Guests will get annoyed if they have to cross the venue to get food and refill their drinks. As you figure out how to arrange everything for your reception, remember to create a traffic pattern. If guests can navigate easily through the buffet line, bar and tables, they’ll have a much better experience as the night goes on.

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Taking things into consideration like making the food choices simple, whether it be grilling or making food choices that keep the guests from being overwhelmed can drastically improve guest satisfaction.

3. Include Safety Measures

If you don’t book with a venue that has to abide by local safety laws, you could host a wedding in a potentially dangerous area. Check your venue for things like anthills and nearby pests so you know how to prepare the site for a night of fun.

You should also ensure that everyone can move around the property with ease. Remove anything that could cause falls after it gets dark. You should deal with exposed tree roots and remove yard debris. Your wedding will be a success if everyone feels safe enough to have fun.

4. Remember the Weather

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The weather is a major influence when it comes to styling your venue for guest satisfaction. You don’t want anyone to get cold after the sun sets or sweat their way through an outdoor summer reception. Consider things like making DIY reception fire pits or setting up outdoor fans. You won’t have to worry about the weather disrupting your big day.

5. Find Comfortable Seating

The rustic wooden chairs or romantic benches you want for your ceremony seating might look great, but are they comfortable for guests to sit on? Make sure you find seating designed for lasting comfort. You don’t need to settle on plastic folding chairs but talk with your venue coordinator or seating vendor to discuss options that won’t cause your guests to stand all night long.

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6. Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Your wedding is all about you, but styling your venue for guest satisfaction means putting yourself in their shoes. Think about how they’ll feel while moving around your reception or sitting through your ceremony. Once you ensure their comfort and safety, everyone will have a great time.