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  • Something Old, Something New

    Are you sticking with tradition and going with ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  And a silver sixpence in her shoe’?

    This old rhyme from the 1880s is to detail what a Bride should wear on her Wedding Day for good luck.

    Something Old

    This part of the rhyme is the connection the Bride has with her past and the move into her future.

    Your Mother’s or Grandmother’s Vintage Wedding Dress or some fabric or beaded detail from them could be included into your dress or bouquet.

    Vintage Dress


    Vintage Bridal Accessories


    Mums dress Bouquet Something Old Idea


    Something New

    This is to represent the happy future you will share with your husband.  Most of the elements of your Wedding will be new, so whether you consider it to be your Wedding Dress, Jewellery or Shoes you will be covered.

    Wedding Dress


    If you’re changing your name after you are married you could include a monogram with your new initials into your wedding dress, a sash, or even your aisle runner.

    Wedding Monogram


    If you’re buying a home together, or just moving into the same place after the Wedding, ask your florist to include your house key into your flowers.

    Pink Peonies


    Something new that only you and your new husband will see could be some pretty, romantic or sexy underwear.

    Romantic Wedding Lingerie


    Romantic Underwear


    Something Borrowed

    This part of the rhyme is to show borrowed happiness ~ an item is usually borrowed from a happily married couple to pass the happiness on.

    Borrow a happy couple or relative’s Wedding rings and tie them to your bouquet.  This is the true borrowing of their symbol of love.

    Wedding Rings on Flowers

    Image via Pinterest

    A veil is also a good item for this and a good way to include your mother, grandmother or sister in your happiness.

    Borrowed Veil


    A Brooch Bouquet is a lovely way to share the happiness of many of your female relatives.  Borrow their favourite brooches or hair clips and, either, make a bouquet totally of brooches or incorporate them into your Flower Bouquet.

    Brooch Bouquet


    Flourish Brooch Bouquet


    Something Blue

    The ‘something blue’ can be the fun part of your attire on your Wedding Day and it represents fidelity, good fortune, love and purity.

    Have your Wedding Date and initials monogrammed on the inside of your veil or dress in blue stitching.

    Something Blue Dress


    A pop of blue shoes under your dress.

    Blue Wedding Shoes


    Blue Wedding Shoes


    Some cute messages written in blue from your Bridesmaids.

    Something Blue Writing


    Or some added blue sparkle

    Diamante Shoe Stickers


    Or a peek of a petticoat.

    Blue Petticoat


    And a silver sixpence in her shoe

    The last part of the rhyme, is the sixpence.  A coin was given to the Bride to keep in her left shoe on the day of the Wedding to symbolize prosperity for her and her future husband.

    Lucky Sixpence


    At Circle of Love, are always looking for inspiration to share with other Brides so we would love to hear of your creative ‘Somethings’




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