Small Weddings – The New Trend Set By The Pandemic

The pandemic has brought a lot of problems, but one of its most undesirable effects includes delayed weddings.

Yes, you heard me. Since the beginning of 2020, couples have been waiting to tie the knot, but this pandemic won’t let them! What are people in love to do?

Arrange a small, intimate wedding instead!

If you can’t wait to get married till this pandemic is over, it’s best to start planning your micro-wedding and we are here for it.

This article will help you plan your small wedding in no time, read on to get aboard the minimony trend!

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Advantages of a Small Wedding

1.     Prevents Waste of Money

Every year millions are spent on weddings. It is a waste of money as this money can be helpful for other aspects of a newly married couple’s life. Having a small wedding saves you money and time while also being COVID-safe.

2.     Organizing a Small Wedding is Easier

The most family drama and stress we have is usually at big weddings. It is easier to organize a wedding with fewer people. You can focus more on yourself and enjoy your wedding instead of stressing yourself out.

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3.     More Options for Wedding Venues Are Available

Bigger weddings always tend to limit your venues. There are only limited venues for a large number of people. A small number of people helps you have your dream wedding as you can host it anywhere! You can even travel to an exotic location (only if it’s COVID-safe).

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4.     You Don’t Have to Postpone your Wedding

A small wedding is the best option for you if you don’t want to postpone your wedding. It fulfils all your requirements and makes your wedding possible.

5.     You Can Spend Quality Time with your Guests

In traditional weddings, the bride and groom hardly spend any time with the guests. In small weddings, you can have heart-to-hearts with your guests and make valuable memories of your special day.

Things to Consider While Planning a Small Wedding

1.     Make it Safe

A small wedding is only good if people stay safe at the event. Here are a few ways you can make it happen:

  • You have to organize your seating in such a way that people are seated 6 feet apart
  • Make sure to practice social distancing at your wedding
  • Add rotation so that only a few people are on the dance floor at one time
  • Ensure that sanitisers and alcohol wipes are in abundance
  • Ensure that everyone wears masks
  • Choose an outdoor venue to control the spread


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2.     Decorate Your Venue in a Unique Way

So what if you can’t have a big wedding. You can make your small wedding as beautiful as the big one. The thing you need to put more focus on is your décor. The more unique the decoration is, the nicer the wedding will look.

3.     Have a Variety of Entertainment

A small wedding will give you more time to think about entertainment. The more entertainment you arrange, the more guests will enjoy.  You can have different types of dances, some games, good music, etc.

4.     Have a Variety of Drinks

A small wedding can make you focus on little things. As you are already saving for a big wedding, you can have a variety of drinks. Few people allow you to have a wedding your way. It is also cost-effective as only a limited number of people will be present.

5.     Make Unique Masks

You should follow the COVID SOPs during your wedding. Wearing a mask is an essential precaution. Wearing a mask is boring, I know. But you can always design them. Make sure to create your face masks according to the theme of the wedding.

Themed masks will make you look beautiful and, they will also protect you from COVID. You can make your wedding memorable by creating unique things.

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6.     Have Only One Event

Combine your wedding and reception into one event. What is the point in a small wedding when you plan many events?  A single event can help maintain your budget. It is easier to organize and safe in times of pandemic.

7.     Hire a Coordinator

You can sit back and relax while putting all the burden on your coordinator. Your coordinator can manage all the issues during the wedding. They can take care of the guests and the menu. They will also make sure that everyone is following the SOPs.

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8.     Take COVID Tests

Make sure to get all your guests testing COVID-19. It enhances safety for everyone. You can enjoy your weddings without being cautious.

9.     Hire Professional Cleaners

Most small weddings are taking place in backyards and family farmhouses. Once the festivities are done, the family members are left to clean up the mess. Avoid the trouble and hire a professional cleaning service beforehand.

Final Words: Trends of Small Weddings During the Pandemic

We are all tired of postponing our weddings due to COVID. Some couples have had to delay it thrice! If you are tired of waiting for this pandemic to end, it’s best to make up your mind about a small and intimate wedding ceremony.

People need to know that a small wedding is possible and can also be fun. They are starting to realize that big weddings are so overrated. Small weddings are intimate, practical, and fun!

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As the year 2021 is no different than 2020, we no longer know when this pandemic will end. It is wiser to follow the trend and have a small wedding.

Good Luck!

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