Six Floral Trends For 2019 Weddings

Brides are abandoning the more traditional white roses and lilies for their weddings and opting for more courageous arrangements with bold colours and unusual flowers. We have seen the rustic look take weddings by storm, but in 2019, as we watch baby’s breath and burlap fabric fade away, we will see a middle ground where rustic meets elegance.

Here, we take a look at some of the floral trends brides can expect in 2019.

Traditional Peonies

For as long as there have been weddings the peony has been a popular bouquet choice, and 2019 bears no exception. Because of their versatility, peonies can feature in bouquets to suit any wedding style, from the very formal to the very rustic.

Flowering in October, peonies are perfect for spring and summer weddings, but if you prefer to get married in the winter months you might opt for ranunculus instead.


 The Natural Look

Thanks to Meghan Markle’s wedding, we are going to see a lot of natural florals in 2019. Unique floral and greenery installations will be state-of-the-art. The more natural and organic the better. Beautiful, vibrant arrangements will be affordable options. Greenery like cinereal gum, eucalyptus and jasmine vine will be popular with Australian brides. And not just for the bouquet, this natural concept can be used as the table centrepiece and long drapes. Flowers with long stems, tulips and sweet peas will deliver the ultimate natural touch to your wedding.

Because you want your flowers to be as fresh as possible when they arrive, choose a florist that is not only close by but also familiar with your chosen venue. There are so many options out there for flower delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, etc, but have a chat with different florists before making your final decision.

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Floral Arches and Instalments

Floral instalments, from table-pieces to hanging foliage, have always been fashionable but since Meghan’s wedding, the floral arch is making a comeback. Whether you want to go for the elaborate arch or hanging flowers, a floral instalment is sure to add the wow factor to your wedding.

Centrepieces are likely to be bare on flowers and generous on greenery, bringing the outdoors inside. Weddings are likely to move towards a more industrial look, embracing space and materials, with florals added for a touch of colour.


Foliage inspired

Lush foliage in bouquets and table-pieces have been all the rage for a while and will continue to be popular. Brides opting for the woodland-themed wedding often include foliage in their big, bold flower crowns. Brides might want to match the crown to their wedding flowers. Just remember to choose the hardiest of blooms, such as orchids, freesias and spray roses, which don’t wilt easily.


Rich, bold tones

No longer are pastels and coppers trending wedding florals. In 2019, we will see brighter and bolder colours – oranges, reds and jewel tones. Opulent and nature-inspired bouquets will feature a variety of flowers and greenery carefully arranged to give them a ‘straight from the garden’ appeal. You’ll be interested to see that beautiful Australian native blooms will make an appearance at country celebrations while exotic tropic flowers will feature at beach weddings.

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And for vineyard weddings, add a whole new vibe to your big event with wine coloured flowers. Incorporating deep burgundy into your floral arrangements will be a big trend of 2019. Style your bouquet with a long and luscious velvet or silk ribbon which will add colour and elegance to the arrangement.

Even ceremony arches are adopting the bold and beautiful concept. With bright luscious flowers and foliage, the arch really is taking the centre stage at weddings.


Incorporate The Venue’s Style

While in past years it has been more about the flowers, 2019 will be more about creating floral arrangements to conform to the space you are working with, and melding your flower plan around it. So, when choosing a wedding venue think about how you would like to incorporate your flowers into the space.

You might opt for flower walls or hanging arrangements. Remember the photobooth that took weddings to a whole new level? You only need to scroll through Instagram if you’ve forgotten. 2019 will be all about floral walls and hanging installations. Brides will be dressed up in floral combs, bracelets and anklets.


If you are planning a wedding in 2019, take these up-and-coming trends into consideration and have yourself an amazing day filled with beautiful floral arrangements. Make it a day to remember. 

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