Setting up and Tearing Down Your Wedding Reception

5 Tips to Ensure Smooth Operation

When you’re planning your wedding, one of the most fun aspects is picking everything out. From the tablecloths to the flowers, you design how your wedding will look down to the tiniest detail.

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As you buy what you need for the wedding of your dreams, you may not put much thought into what happens with it all after the ceremony. Even though it’s not as much fun to think about, your wedding will come to a close, and everything will need to be cleaned up.

Don’t walk into the teardown of your wedding reception without being prepared. Use these easy tips to ensure a smooth operation at both the beginning and the end of your special day.

1. Get Help Early

Even if you’re planning a small wedding, it’s still going to be a big job to get everything set up. That’s why it’s smart to start talking with your friends and family early to see who will be able to help.

Coordinate with everyone so they know what they need to do before they get there. Everyone should be ready to set up chairs, the altar, reception tables and any other decor you’ll have. Don’t overlook the little things, like balloons and flowers that will need to be placed.

You can also ask those same people to help tear down the wedding reception at the end of the night. If you ask early enough, they’ll be able to plan their travel around when they’ll need to be there.  If you don’t want to ask your friends and family consider using a Wedding Planner.

2. Write Everything Down

You know what you’ll need at your wedding because you’re the one planning it, but the people helping you won’t remember everything. It’s a good idea to write everything down that you plan on bringing to the ceremony.

Afterwards, you can refer to the list and check off what’s been packed so nothing’s forgotten. If certain things were borrowed, be sure to write down who they belong to so you can give everything back in the days after your wedding.

3. Be Careful With Rentals

Almost everything that’s used in most weddings is rented from somewhere else. It’s cheaper than buying chairs and tables, and it prevents the bride and groom from having to sell them afterwards.


Make sure that the people who are helping you set up and tear down know to be careful with the things you rented. That includes being aware of care tips like checking screws and hinges and removing any food spills.

4. Coordinate With Vendors

Some vendors will clean up after themselves, including taking down anything they set up. It depends on who you work with and what’s in your contracts.

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Double-check with your vendors about what they’re willing to do and not do. They may only provide the food or music and require you to set things up for them before they arrive.

Anyone helping to tear things down afterwards should know what they can take down and what belongs to the vendors. That will help avoid any confusion, and everything will get back where it belongs.

5. Keep up Communication

Throughout the process of preparing for your wedding and taking everything down at the end of the night, always keep up communication. If you think something could be done better, speak up in an encouraging way. Direct people where they need to go and guide the process from beginning to end.

As you communicate with the people helping you, remember that they’re volunteering their time and efforts. It’s easy to get stressed, but don’t get carried away with it. Remember that your wedding day is all about enjoying your time together and celebrating your marriage, and everything else will fall into place.