Top Tips for a Romantic Secret Garden-Themed Wedding

Looking for a way to throw a unique wedding party? Bring some whimsical magic and romantic inspiration into your wedding by throwing a secret garden wedding-themed party on your big day. You don’t even have to look too far to turn this dreamy theme into a reality.

What is a Garden Wedding Theme?

A garden wedding theme is a popular choice especially for young and outdoorsy couples. There’s just something about the idyllic landscape of a garden that gives people a calm, relaxed vibe on a normally anxiety-inducing wedding day.

Garden weddings are inspired by the beauty of nature and the spirit of the softness and tenderness. Usually held outdoors and incorporating floral designs and lush greenery, a garden wedding theme centres on nature to decorate and give life to your wedding ceremony and reception venue.


Why is a Garden Wedding Important?

If you’re looking to break away from the usual elegant but dry indoor wedding, a garden wedding may be for you. You get the benefit of utilizing existing picturesque venues and destinations. An outdoor venue can be quite a relief for everyone. Your wedding set-up can be a welcome respite for you and your guests from being stuck indoors, especially during the pandemic.

The outdoors are also known to be more relaxing for people. You can also make use of natural light and natural décor for your venue, adding to the authenticity and romantic feel. Consider booking a botanic garden or other outdoor gardens and hidden gem venues in your area. There are a lot of possibilities with a romantic garden wedding theme.

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How Do You Prepare for a Garden Wedding?

Get ready to throw a memorable wedding with a romantic garden wedding theme.

To prepare for your garden inspired wedding, set a budget for your garden wedding. Then, scout for the best outdoor venues and picturesque destinations for your secret garden party. Make a shortlist of all your guests to prepare for your wedding invitations.

After all these you can now focus on your event set-up and decorations. Choose a colour palette to make shopping for your décor easier. Scout for local florists to supply fresh flowers for your décor and bouquet.

Secret Garden Wedding Theme Ideas

Put a twist on the classic garden wedding and throw a wedding party with a charming secret garden wedding theme. Channel the relaxed spring and summer vibe with our top 3 secret garden wedding theme ideas for you.

1.   Floral Watercolour Wedding Invites

Set out on your garden theme wedding party with floral watercolour wedding invites. Use calligraphy to elevate its look. To go with the rustic charm of a garden wedding, you can make your own invites if you’ve got an artistic flair.

You can also consider commissioning a local artist to make your garden wedding theme invites. Not only do you save up from spending on commercial wedding invites you also get to support local businesses.

2. Floral Banquet Tables

Up the garden feel by setting up outdoor banquet tables for your reception. Encourage everyone to mingle with a relaxing tablescape. Decorate your banquet table with some intricate floral arrangements. Pair it with candles for soft lighting in the evening.

Use wooden chairs for a natural feel. Set a simple linen tablecloth paired with charger plates and table napkins in neutral colours to set a clean backdrop to your tablescape. Allow your décor to bring out the natural beauty of your garden venue.

3. Floral Chandelier

Add some flair to your garden wedding by putting up a floral chandelier that’s sure to catch your guests’ attention. Hang this in the middle of your reception area or your dancefloor as an event centrepiece. Decorate your chandelier with greenery, vines and flowers.

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How Can I Make My Wedding Unique?

Make your secret garden theme wedding unique by setting up a full blown flower wall backdrop. This goes well with any floral-themed party. This can also become a good backdrop for your guests’ OOTD pictures. You can also set up a photobooth with these floral wall backdrops to give your guests something to take home and remember your charming secret garden wedding.

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Walking Down Your Secret Garden Wedding Aisle

We’ve gone down the basics of throwing a secret garden wedding theme party. From preparations, to garden wedding themes, to unique décor ideas. It’s up to you to choose the right elements to throw the most memorable and romantic secret garden wedding party.

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Walk down your secret garden aisle with pride and enjoy making lasting memories on your special day.