Pre-Wedding Self-Care Tips for Brides-to-Be

Preparing for your wedding day can be quite stressful. There are a vast number of things you have to arrange, organize, and simply remember to take care of. The venue, the music and the catering are just some of them and of course, you also have your wedding gown. Just the task of choosing or designing your dress for the big day is enough to make you feel tired and anxious, and thus take a toll on your mental and physical health. That is why it is of the utmost importance for any bride to take care of herself and to take some time for relaxing and pampering moments.

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For that reason, we bring you some of the best tips that will help you look and feel your best for the upcoming celebration of love.

Eat and drink well

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With your hectic pre-wedding schedule, you may forget to eat regularly and healthy. This can have a negative effect, as you will feel fatigued, but you could also experience some breakouts, which no bride wants. That is why you should try to have three proper meals a day and a few healthy snacks. Also, try not to eat too much spicy and greasy food, and don’t go overboard with coffee. Remember to drink enough water, as this will not only help you feel less tired but will also have a positive impact on your skin. With a balanced diet, you will have plenty of energy and will also feel happy and excited instead of being anxious. This way, you will do all of your pre-wedding errands with a smile on your face and you will truly feel marvellous when the big day comes.

The importance of a comfortable bed and good-quality sleep

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Sleeping the recommended 8 hours a day and having your night’s rest on a good mattress is crucial for you to wake up feeling refreshed and in a good mood. If you haven’t changed your mattress in a while, this may be the perfect time to do so. With several types of mattresses available for you to easily order, it shouldn’t be a problem to find one that suits all your needs. This can help you get rid of the back pain or headaches that you get from sleeping on a poor mattress with bad support. In addition, you can add a few new pillows to your comfy bed and make sleeping even more enjoyable. Good-quality sleep will have an amazing effect on your body and your mind, while at the same time having a hugely beneficial impact on your skin and your hair. Finally, all of this will prevent you from waking up with undesirable dark circles and bags under your eyes on your wedding day.

A warm bath/shower to help you feel serene

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Turn your bathroom into a luxurious home spa and enjoy a bit of well-deserved pampering time. Light a few candles, have a glass of wine (or healthy, organic juice), fill your bath with water and throw in a lovely bath bomb. In case you don’t have a bath, you can take a nice, long shower with warm water. Let some of your favourite songs play in the background and simply disconnect.  This will have a positive effect on your mind, as you will be able to recharge and remember that your wedding is a glorious celebration of the love you and your groom feel and that there is truly no room for stress. Don’t forget to moisturize afterwards, as you want to have nourished and glowing skin so that you look even more charming in your wedding gown.

Don’t forget to exercise

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Being active will have numerous benefits for any bride. Both your body and your mind will feel much better after a workout session, so try to squeeze in a visit to the gym to your schedule at least 3 or 4 times a week. Exercising will help you get rid of stress and will make you feel peaceful and tired by bedtime so that you can enjoy a relaxing night’s rest. If you simply do not have time to go to the gym, try walking instead of driving to work and/or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Moreover, you can do some fun exercises at home or you can try yoga. Yoga will help you not only get an incredibly flexible and lean body but it will also help you concentrate on just the important things during this busy pre-wedding time.

To sum up, don’t forget to take care of yourself while planning your wedding. A healthy and happy bride will manage to do all her tasks and will also look stunning on her big day.