Postponing Your Wedding Because of Coronavirus?

Here’s What to Do

Due to COVID-19, many governments have mandated stay-at-home orders and strict regulations regarding groups of people. As a result, hundreds of people need to reschedule their events, whether they’re bat mitzvahs or college graduations. If you’re a bride that has to postpone her wedding day, you’ll want to make a few decisions.

Contact Venue and Vendors

Before you look ahead at potential dates, make sure to contact your venue and vendors as soon as possible. Like many companies, these businesses have taken a hit – so, do your best to take a rational, open-minded approach. Work with them to create a plan that captures your vision, at least somewhat. Ask about their schedule so that you can get back on the same page.

Additionally, you should know that it may cost extra to reschedule. Many contracts don’t outline global pandemics for obvious reasons, so a lot of organisations aren’t sure how to approach fees and reservations. Double-check with your insurance provider, too. If you can both do a little give and take, you can salvage most of your goals.

Most brides spend up to 10% of their budgets on flowers – and those decorations fall under “perishable items.” As a result, you may lose your investment on those preparations. That said, no one could have predicted this event six months ago. If everyone stays flexible, you should be able to reach a common ground.

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Notify Guests

Throughout this process, do your best to maintain communication with your guests. You can update your wedding’s website or send out a mass text. Either way, add information about future dates so that everyone’s updated. If you planned to get married abroad, you should mention flight and hotel arrangements. You may not know the answers to specific questions, but that’s fine.

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Try to negotiate possible refunds on everyone’s behalf. It’ll take a few weeks, so be patient – but your guests can take a breather when they know that you’ve made a solid effort. After all, they’ve likely spent money to be a part of your day.

Take Extra Measures

Unless you plan to reschedule for next year, you’ll need to take a few extra precautions when your special day arrives. If you want to get married at the end of 2020, some people may not be able to attend. Older and immunosuppressed individuals could choose to stay at home to protect their health, as they should. To accommodate those guests, you could set up a Livestream through Skype or FaceTime.


You should also put part of your budget toward hygiene measures. Right now, experts don’t know when it’ll be safe to return to our regular routines.

Use These Tips to Reschedule Your Wedding Successfully

No happy couple wants to postpone their wedding – and it’s normal to feel upset. Luckily, there’s a lot that you can do to postpone your plans. You can still enjoy the day that you’ve dreamed about for years. You’ll just have to wait a little longer!

At Circle of Love, we are working on some Postponement Packages to help you navigate through this unprecedented time.  Contact Us for more information.