Pool Party Ideas for a Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are an opportunity to take a step back from your wedding planning and celebrate this time of life with the people you love. There’s no better way to relax and have a great time than by spending time at the pool, so how can you make it your big venue? Check out a few of the latest pool party ideas for a bridal shower. You’ll find everything you need to get inspired and start planning the event today.

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1. Decide on a Theme

Planning a party is much easier with a theme. You won’t have to worry about picking table cloths, balloon colours or decor because your theme makes everything simple. Consider what you’d love to do at your party and match your interests to a theme like poolside margaritas or floating flights of locally brewed beer. You could also borrow your wedding theme if you’re already in love with it.

2. Create Clever Drinks

Make your bridal shower extra special by whipping up clever drinks created just for your party. Your menu could include drinks with pretty colours or your preferred liquors. Everyone will need a cool drink after swimming under the hot sun, so make sure you also have non-alcoholic alternatives that everyone can enjoy.

3. Host an Evening Party

Afternoons by the pool are great but don’t forget about the possibility of an evening party. You could turn on the pool lights to set the mood with brilliant colours that make your backyard glow. Add a few Edison light strands around your outdoor dining area or tiki torches along your driveway to spruce up your pool area and make it a real party.

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Swimming under the stars always gives a touch of romance to any event. It’s the perfect way to celebrate an upcoming wedding with all of your favourite people. Get the lighting just right and you’ll have a great time relaxing on a pool float, sipping a drink or dining on your favourite foods.

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4. Include Swimming Games

Use the pool to your advantage and play a few water-based games. Challenge each other to a race across the deep end and offer a prize to the winner. Play Marco Polo, but call for your fiance’s name and have everyone call your own back. Put a personal twist on classic pool games to keep everyone entertained while you’re in the water.

5. Make Cute Gift Bags

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Everyone loves leaving a party with a gift bag in hand. You don’t even need a big budget to give everyone a gift. Buy a pack of gift bags and stuff them with popular favours like candy, beauty products or baked goods. It’s a sweet way to thank everyone for their time and all the help they’ll provide in the coming months.

Host a Bridal Shower Pool Party

These are just a few pool party ideas for a bridal shower, but you can make your party look however you want. When you take the time to make the area clean with a theme, you can easily plan your favourite swimming activities that will pull everything together. Your friends and family will have a blast celebrating you before your big day arrives.