Planning A Wedding With A Baby

Organizing things for your big day can be nothing short of a nightmare. There are so many things to do and so little time to do them. When you have a small child in the midst of it, how can you hope to handle the responsibilities? You have to keep your lovely little one well-fed and entertained, while also taking care of everything else. Luckily, it’s not all bad and there are some ways to have fun along the way.

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1.     Prepare the wedding together

Preparing a wedding venue is pretty dull compared to the actual wedding. There are hundreds of things to look after and prepare that you simply won’t find the time to spend with your baby. However, there’s no reason your baby can’t tag along with you during the process, is there?

While you’re busy making table favours or arranging flowers, might as well take your baby with you. It’s going to love going around the venue and spending time with you, and you get to watch the adorable and hilarious reactions. It’s going to make preparing for the wedding an even more joyous process.

2.     Cook up a special meal

Depending on the age, your baby probably won’t be able to stomach the food everyone else is being served at the wedding. Instead, it’s going to need some more appropriate baby food.

You mention to the caterer that this special meal needs to be ready at a certain time. The main chef will be a bit too busy preparing food for all the other wedding guests to simply heat up some baby food in the middle of the wedding. Set a special meal for your child well in advance and then simply reheat it when you need it.

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3.     Remember to find some entertainment

Babies are notoriously fickle and quickly bored. You don’t want your child to cry throughout the ceremony, which is why it’s crucial that you give it something to keep it occupied. Some light entertainment should do the trick.

Other guests will probably bring their own kids as well, so you can make part of the venue into a small play zone. Supply them with a party bag and fill it with some normal things children like to play with. A couple of toys here and there, some paper and crayons, and that should be enough to entertain them for a while.

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4.     Hire someone to take care of the baby

This is your big day and you’re probably going to be a bit too busy to take care of the baby. There are so many things to look out for during this day, and the baby needs a lot of attending as well. Your best bet would be to get a babysitter who could watch over the baby during crucial moments of the wedding.

If a family member isn’t particularly busy during the course of the wedding, they might offer to take care of your baby. This would be an ideal and affordable solution to your wedding day woes.

5.     Keep your child busy

Children can be fidgety. They always want to touch and chew on things. When left unattended, you can be sure that your baby will try to find something to chew on or knock over. This is why it’s so important to keep it busy during this time.

Most babies go through a teething phase when their gums are irritated. Luckily, there are tons of teething remedies out there that can help keep your baby occupied during the wedding, while also helping soothe their gums.

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Make sure it’s never too close to any important equipment or the edges of tables. You never know when it might accidentally tip something over.

6.     Don’t forget to snap a photo or two

It’s hard to imagine going through a wedding without taking as many photographs as possible. What good would all the photos do if they didn’t include your little munchkin? Make sure that you take every opportunity to hold your baby and play with it before and during the wedding. He or she might not be the best dancer, but there’s no person in the room you’d rather share the floor with.

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After all, these photographs will last you a lifetime. You’ll look back at them and reminisce about your child when they were really small. More photographs mean more memories that are worth cherishing.


Going through a wedding day with your baby might seem like a stressful situation at first, but there’s no real reason to panic. It’s a wonderful event that will only be made better by the presence of your little bundle of joy. As long as you keep them busy and include them in various activities, everything will go off without a hitch.

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