Planning a Wedding on a Student Budget: Best 12 Tips

Wedding planning is exhausting and hard on any couple, but having to do all this on a tight, student budget is more than most can handle. It is no secret that weddings are expensive. But, while planning a wedding can come with many costs and obligations, there are certainly things you can do to make this more affordable. In fact, we know of 12 ways to reduce your expenses to the minimum and make them meet your budget allowance.

1.    Ask for Help instead of Gifts

Since you’re planning a wedding on a budget, you will probably only invite your closest circle of friends and family. This means that you know what they do and what they’re good at. So, why not ask for their help or service instead of a gift? For example, if one of your friends owns a good camera and is skilled in photography, they can be the one to photograph your ceremony. This could be a gift to you – most people would gladly accept to do what they enjoy in lieu of a costly gift.


2.    Don’t Hire a Place for the Ceremony and the Reception

If you have a nice home, this could be your wedding spot. If not, you can always hold the ceremony outdoors. There are plenty of gorgeous places where you can celebrate your wedding at either no or for a low cost.

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3.    Hire a Family-Owned Restaurant for the Catering

Wedding catering is often really expensive, but not if you hire a family-owned restaurant to do this. You might even have a fine cook on your wedding list, so why not ask them to do the catering? It will cost you much less!

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4.    Don’t Go Overboard with the Flowers

Unless you have the time to cut and trim flowers, buying flowers for the wedding will cost you a fortune. Flowers are a wonderful decoration, but if you’re on a student budget, you can’t really afford to spend a fortune on something that will die shortly after your wedding is over.

Try to keep it simple. Find some great flower DIY ideas and make a small, but pretty bouquet for the bride.


5.    Use Your Own Stereo Equipment

Do you own home stereo equipment? If you don’t, find a friend who does and borrow it. Instead of paying someone to play music for your wedding, such as a DJ or a band, put some speakers around the area where your guests will dance. Make a playlist and you’re done!


6.    Make Use of Your University

As a student, you probably know many people in your school. Why not use them for help? Instead of musicians, hire low-cost students from the music department? Instead of waiters and cooks, hire students who learn how to become one.  You can find out more about student help here.


7.    Buy Used Decorations

You’ll probably want to get decorations for the wedding. Thankfully, you can now buy used decorations and centrepieces and still make your wedding look like heaven.


8.    Buy the Bride’s and Bridesmaid Dresses off the Rack

You don’t have to order a custom dress if you’re on a low budget. There are many sales, so keep track of these to find something off the rack. You can do the same for the bride and the bridesmaids.


9.    Make Your Invitations on Your Own

Invitations don’t have to cost so much. You can make your own invitations. In fact, some people choose to make their own invitations even though they can afford the classy, bought ones. More and more people nowadays choose to spend money on hiring writers to create a personal message for their invitation instead of a printing company to make it look classier. It’s personal, it’s fun, and it’s definitely better.



10.                   Rent a Suit

When it comes to the groom, he’ll need a suit. This is a one-time thing and, if you can’t afford a great one, you can always rent one. You’re not going to need it again probably, anyway.



11.                   Buy Affordable Rings

Wedding rings are a tradition, but your love is much more important than the money. Rings are pretty symbolic, which means that you don’t have to go overboard with them.
Here is an interesting guide to buying affordable diamond rings.


12.                   Ask Your Family to Help

Family are the people who love you the most. This is the time when you can use their help. Involve them in the preparations by giving them small errands, asking them to do some DIY projects, and simply find a way for everyone to contribute to the wedding.



Ready to do some wedding planning? With a little effort and a lot of help, you can make a perfect wedding on a really low budget. Just remember to enjoy this!