Planning a Valentine’s Day Wedding : Make Everything with Love

Some people believe it is the most romantic thing a couple can do, others are somewhat sceptical of this idea and consider it to be somewhat cliché. One way or another, there is not a person who has not at least once thought about getting married on Valentine’s Day. And as statistics say, quite a lot of them ended up actually bringing those thoughts to reality. Just in the US, over 16 thousand couples celebrated their wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day 2019!

There is one good reason for this, you will never forget your anniversary date!


No matter what the reason for getting married on Valentine’s Day is, the date is obviously very popular among spouses to be. Therefore, if you want to become one of them, you should plan your Valentine’s Day wedding extra carefully so you can make everything with love. Here are some of the things to remember:

Plan in Advance

One of the most important rules to follow if you want to have your wedding on Valentine’s Day is to plan it in advance. Of course, this is applicable to all weddings since people want their special day to be perfect and memorable and have to take all the details into consideration. However, for those choosing to get married on the 14th of February, it is particularly vital.


As has already been mentioned, Valentine’s Day is a very popular date among the engaged to exchange their wedding vows. So wedding venues and fancy restaurants are often fully booked months if not years in advance. Therefore, if you have a particular idea in mind about how and where you want to get married, and wish for your wedding to turn out to be just the way you have been imagining it, you need to meticulously think everything through ahead of the time.

Considering the fact Valentine’s Day only happens once annually, you should start making plans for the following year to allow yourself sufficient time for preparations. If you are longing for a large, extravagant wedding, it is advisable that you get down to planning at least two years in advance.

Bear in mind that Valentine’s Day is not only popular among the newlyweds to be, but also among regular couples, too! The Valentine’s Day classic is going out for a fancy meal and a couple of drinks with your loved one, so unless you make a reservation at your dream restaurant beforehand, chances are they simply would not have the facilities to accommodate your celebrations.

If you are looking for a wedding getaway and are interested in destination weddings, making all the bookings in advance will save you a lot of money. While those traditionally remain popular from year to year, making all the arrangements earlier than later, will likely secure you a sweeter price. Of course, a wedding is, indeed, an occasion to splash some cash on, but you still want to approach your finance responsibly.

Ask Your Guests to Save the Date

It is fair to say that weddings are equally as important to the couples that have them as they are to their friends and family. The loved ones of the newlywed couple want to share that magical moment with them and celebrate their union together. This, however, can be a challenge if you are planning to get married on Valentine’s Day.

Being the most romantic day of a year, Valentine’s Day is a time when people focus on their own significant others and plan activities one on one that rarely involves social outings. Therefore, if you want all of your friends to be there with you on your special day, inform them of that early so that they could save the date.

Considering the theme of the wedding, it would be a cute and very through-trough gesture to incorporate Valentine’s Day symbolic into your save-the-date and invitation cards. Cupid’s arrow-shaped or heart-shaped cards would really play up the occasion.

Get the Most Use Out of the Signature Colours

It is a trend to be following certain colour schemes in wedding planning, and it is especially apparent if you are wanting to have your wedding on Valentine’s Day. You have a huge advantage of seemingly the entire world being decorated with romantic symbols and colours traditionally viewed as the colours of love, red and pink.

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So, why not match? Get your wedding venue decorated with beautiful red and pink roses, ribbons, hearts and other things. Details really do matter if you want to make something perfect, especially in such a delicate matter as wedding decorations are.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to experiment with your wedding outfits and take a small step away from the traditional white dress. If you are into funky fashion, you may add a bit of colour to your bridal look. For example, you could spice it up with some red heels, or even opt for a red or pink dress if you are particularly daring! A bit of craziness never hurt anybody.


Let Your Love Story Be the Star of Your Wedding

One of the main reasons why people choose to get married on Valentine’s Day is because they believe this will reinforce their romance and be a true sign of their feelings for each other. While some think that it is a bit cliché, in reality, you can never go wrong with being genuine and radiating your love for your significant other. Your love story is what is going to make your wedding truly unforgettable. And since the union of two hearts is what you essentially want to celebrate and foster, the best idea would be to play on it when planning your Valentine’s Day wedding.

Put your love story in the centre of your celebration, and reflect on all the important milestones in your relationship. Your first kiss? Your first trip together? Your first dinner together? All those memories could contribute to your wedding if used correctly. For instance, you could make a little slideshow of your time a couple or use some of the important landmarks as references for your wedding theme.

Put a Heart in Your Ceremony

Both figuratively and, well, literally. The heart is the most well-known and important symbol of Valentine’s Day, and we cannot think of a better image to incorporate into your wedding decorations. It is romantic, flirty and a bit cheesy. But so wholesome!


Share Your Love

At last but not at least, Valentine’s Day is truly a day for everyone to be happy and express their love for the people around them. While this is truly the day that should be special for the two of you, you and your partner, it would make it even better if you shared your joy with your guests. Dedicate a couple of minutes of your ceremony and celebrations to other people and thanking them for being in your life, and your wedding will definitely be an amazing one since it will be filled with joy.

You could either do that verbally or you could give all your guests treats so that they would remember your beautiful holiday.

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