Planning A Perfect Outdoor Wedding

So, you are planning to celebrate your big day in the great outdoors. Well, it is a wonderful idea! With wide-open spaces, breathtaking views, and stunning locations, it isn’t surprising to see more and more couples choosing outdoor weddings. Be it a beach, a garden, a farm, or a backyard, there could be nothing more exciting than exchanging vows amid nature. It will certainly be an event you, your significant half, and your guests will cherish forever.

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But, organizing a perfect outdoor wedding isn’t as cut-and-dried as throwing an indoor wedding party. It takes months of planning and could become an overwhelming process if you don’t know where to start. At the same time, there are endless options to plan an event with outdoor vibes. Whether you are planning for a cocktail hour, reception dinner, or a complete wedding ceremony outdoors, we have compiled a checklist to make it easier for you. So, here is how to pull off a fantastic outdoor feast on your special day.

Guests First

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Get an estimate of the number of guests you will be inviting before you finalize the venue. As a thumb rule, consider 2 to 3 square metres area per guest. Does it seem too much? Well, don’t forget the space you will need for bustling waiters, tables, bands, a dance area, and more! Keep all these things in mind while choosing a venue.

Choose The Right Venue

Pick a venue that caters to all your needs. There is a range of splendid wedding venues, including gardens and estates to choose from. Explore your options for celebrating in the sunshine. But, always have an alternative wedding venue or plan B, especially if you are getting married in the summer/spring. You never know the sky might open to deliver rain!

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Pro Tip – Pick a venue keeping your guests’ comfort in mind. Check if the washrooms are near the location. In case you need some extras, like fans or Aeroguard, make sure it is all available.

Make A Reception Menu

It is indeed a major part of your wedding! No matter how much thought you have put into your venue, guest list, or wedding attire, sourcing the right catering option is a real head spin. Caterers offer a range of cuisine styles, including exquisite foods from different cultures. Whether you want a three-course meal, finger food, huge share plates, BBQ, or a buffet, look for a caterer who can tailor a menu to suit your style and vision. Lemonade, iced tea, and alcoholic drinks are the reception menu staples every guest would look for. Also, schedule a site visit to ensure that the caterer is well-equipped to manage things.

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Leave Some Room In Your Budget

The wedding budget is another important thing to keep in mind. Ideally, your wedding budget should follow the formula: 48-50% for reception, 8-10% for attire, 8-10% for music, 8-10% for flowers, 10-12% for video/photo, 2-3% for gifts, 2-3% for invites, and 8% for miscellaneous expenses. Also, don’t forget to allocate an additional 5-10% of the money for unforeseen expenses, like tailoring needs, printing extra invites, etc.

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Conduct A Comprehensive Sound Check

The beautiful thing about being outside is, there are wide open and beautiful spaces. Also, your guests are far away from you. There is no point in delivering a speech or telling your love journey if nobody can hear. Planning an outdoor wedding means nothing if no one can hear you, the most important person of the day. So, soundcheck is really important for outdoor weddings.

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Pick An Outdoor-Appropriate Outfit

It might be humid outdoors, or there could be scorching heat or freezing cold. The outdoor weather could affect your hairstyle, attire, or any products you have used to appear great. If you reside somewhere else and need to fly to get to your wedding, avoid checking in your dress. Carry it on board in the aircraft cabin. And, whatever the weather is, make sure to pick the appropriate outfit.

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Hire A Carpet If Planning For Beach Ceremony

Hiring a carpet for the aisle and its end is strongly recommended if you plan for a beach wedding ceremony. Wet sand doesn’t mix well with shoes or dresses. Furthermore, if you are planning a barefoot beach ceremony, you should reconsider. Guests are often hesitant to follow the ‘swap shoes with thongs’ dress code, and removing shoes and socks is not always possible. Instead, you can entice them with a pair of comfortable thongs.

Shoes here vows there

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Get In Touch With A Wedding Planner

You are going to embark on the most beautiful day of your life, but outdoor wedding planning is stressful and exhausting. Luckily, there are brilliant wedding planners who have the training, knowledge of the industry, and expertise to work in your best interest. They know how to plan, coordinate, and manage every aspect and detail of the wedding, ensuring you a successful event. Thus, taking advice from wedding planners makes sense.

There are many other things to consider while planning an outdoor wedding; these are some of the most important ones. Make a to-do list and review it multiple times so that you don’t miss out on anything. What are your tips for planning a perfect outdoor wedding? Share with us in the comment section!