Picnic Wedding Ideas

Picnic Weddings can add a nice touch and relaxing feel to your wedding day. They can be set up in many different ways. They can be laid out as your ceremony setting for guests to get comfy before and during your ceremony. Picnic blankets and platters can be arranged just near your ceremony for after the formalities are done. This can be a nice way for your guests to mingle and relax while you and your bridal party are having photos done. If you are using a public space, make sure to check on your local council regulations for your allocated permit time. Another way to incorporate a picnic setting into your wedding day is to lay out some beautiful picnic spreads at your reception venue as an alternative casual space to relax.

Picnic Weddings can be set up as lavishly or as simply as you desire! You can hire a wedding stylist to do this for you or do it DIY if you are on a budget.

Our top tips for creating the perfect picnic wedding:

1. Make sure to check the weather reports as no-one likes sitting on a wet blanket or cushions

2. Provide insect repellant for those creepy crawlies that may be around the picnic blankets

3. Comfy and stylish cushions are a must

4. Provide a small chatter platter at each picnic blanket

5. Remind guests of your wedding hashtag with a little sign at each picnic setting.

6. Incorporate some fun garden games amongst your picnic layout

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Image: www.circleofloveweddings.com.au

Image: www.circleofloveweddings.com.au


Who is keen for a picnic wedding now?

If you would like to discuss creating your perfect picnic wedding to suit your style and desires contact one of our stylists today.