Personalise Your Wedding and Make it Memorable

Your wedding day is your special day. You and your partner deserve to be celebrated in a unique and personal way. So, here are some fun ideas you can use for personalising your special day and making it truly one of a kind.

Skip the Traditions

Many wedding traditions are lovely and nice to include, but if some of them don’t fit your and your partner’s style and ideas for a perfect wedding, you should definitely skip them. There is not a single rule that says how you should celebrate your special day. So, don’t feel pressured to follow any of the traditions.

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Make sure you talk to your partner and go through the list of traditions together. Talk about which ones you want to skip. Maybe you can put a twist on these traditions or do something completely different. Don’t shy away from expressing yourself uniquely your way, even if it means skipping traditional elements of a wedding completely.

Write Your Own Vows

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One of the best ways to personalise your wedding ceremony is for you and your partners to write your own wedding vows. They don’t have to be extra poetic. They don’t have to include grand words. What matter is that your words are coming from the bottom of your heart. Include some personal anecdotes that you and your partner don’t mind sharing. Throw in an inside joke that only your partner will understand. Mention something you told your partner years ago; something that is still very important for your relationship. This will make the vows personal and heart-warming.

Make a Family and Friend Photo Wall


When it comes to decorations, there is nothing more personal than including your loved ones. One of the best ways to do so is to create a photo wall including photos of your loved ones. Whether you want to include candid photos you took of your friends and family when you were hanging out, or you want to organize a photo shoot before the wedding day, both options are fine. Make sure you arrange the photos well and decorate the wall with the colours that go well with the rest of the wedding theme.

Ask a Friend or Family Member to Officiate

An officiant is someone who’s supposed to serve in a legal capacity and ensure that you’ve covered all the steps to getting married. However, they’re also someone who will make the wedding ceremony feel special and allow you to express your love for your partner on your special day. Now imagine how heart-warming and special this moment would be for you if one of your friends or family members gets to officiate your wedding. They can narrate the lovely memories of your relationship, share the love you feel for each other with the rest of the guests, and make your special day an even brighter and warmer day to remember.

Pre-Write Thank You Cards for Guests


One of the ways to thank your guests for being there for you on your special day is to pre-write thank you cards for them. This simple and small, yet very meaningful and cute gesture will let your guests know that you appreciate every single one of them and that you’re so happy that you could share this lovely moment in your life with all of them.

Leave a Shoe Note

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Have you heard of a shoe note? It’s a short poem or love note that you write on the bottom side of your partner’s wedding shoes. With all the dancing, this message may not last for long, but it’s a cute and unique way to sneak a love note to your loved one on the day of your wedding.

Keep Your Drinks Cool With Style

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We all know that weddings include lots of food and drinks. What if we say there’s a fun way to customise the way you serve the drinks to your guests? With personalised stubby holders, you get to keep everyone’s drinks cold during the wedding while making the drink servings look very unique and personal. You can get customised versions with specific pictures or writings on them.

Add Small but Meaningful Details

Think about things that are meaningful to you and your partner. It can be something that reminds you of your first date. It can also be something that reminds you of your proposal day. You can even think of something that is meaningful to your family. Whatever it is, try to find a way to incorporate it into your wedding. It can be something as small as earrings you wore on your first day. It will truly make your day feel special.

Personalise the Escort Cards

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Using escort cards is a fun way to help your guests find their seats. You can go a step further and personalise these cards too. You can write an inside joke, use nicknames for your close friends, pick your family’s favourite colours for the cards, or include just about anything unique and personal you can think of that will brighten up people’s day when they see their escort cards.

Include Your Pets

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Lastly, find a way to include your pets in your wedding ceremony. They are a part of your family and they should be by your side on your special day. There are many ways you can include them on your wedding day.

You can walk down the aisle with your pet, pose for special photos with your pets, have them carry flowers around, and so on. Make them feel included. Also, they will simply love getting all the pets and treats from the wedding guests.


Overall, there are many ways for you to make your special day feel even more personal and unique. The uniqueness is in small details. The above-written ideas are just some of the creative ones you can include in your weddings but you can totally go off the script and think of a few others as well. Make sure you talk to your partner and work on creating some unique and personal details for your wedding together.