Party Planning: How to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday

Kids look forward to a few main events every year. They want to celebrate the start of summer vacation and open gifts during the holidays. Outside the time off of school, they also anticipate the fun that comes with their next birthday.

As a parent, there’s pressure to meet the expectations of throwing a birthday party every year. You have to think about which of their friends will come over, who has food allergies and if they’re old enough to go home without expensive goodie bags.

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It’s a lot to handle. Nevertheless, you can switch things up to make it fun for everyone. Discover party planning tips that will help you celebrate your child’s next birthday with ease.

1. Take Them to a Movie

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Is your kid a movie fanatic, ready to go to the theatre the moment a new trailer drops? If so, they’ll love going to see a new movie on their birthday, especially if it happens to be when favourite premieres. Take them out to dinner afterwards or eat something at home for a simple celebration that requires nothing more than buying tickets.

2. Let Them Pick a Vacation

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Kids dream about going to different places, like a new campsite or the beach. Why not let them spend their birthday at their favourite vacation spot? Give them a list of options within your budget and say the decision is up to them. They’ll experience a fun activity, and you’ll get to head out of town for a bit.

3. Try Old-School Fun

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When you’re tired of throwing birthday parties at home, call your local bowling alley for some old-school fun. Most offer discounts for large parties and provide food for the cost of renting out space. You can also invite your child’s friends to meet you there and head back home for food after. It’s always fun to host a bowling alley birthday party, especially when it’s ultra-affordable.

4. Go Big With Entertainment

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This year, go big with entertainment at your child’s party. Get everyone outside with something fun, like water balloon fights or backyard races. If you want your child and their friends to use up all their energy, consider setting up a bounce house where they can jump for hours on end. You’ll entertain everyone and give them something new to experience.

5. Countdown With Daily Activities

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Make your child’s birthday a month-long event when you create a daily countdown with special activities for each day. Think about what makes your kid happy, then decide what the surprises will be. You might give them an extra scoop of ice cream one night or let them have 30 more minutes with their electronics. They’ll feel extra special each day, and you’ll stretch out the birthday fun.

Give Them Extra Love

Everything you do on your child’s birthday is a way to show them your love. Give a little extra this year by using a few of the tips above. Take them on vacation, rent a bounce house or do something fun each day. They’ll shine in the attention, and it will quickly become the best birthday yet.