Out-Of-The-Box Flower Decoration Ideas For Your Big Day

Flowers are one of the pillars of a wedding ceremony. No matter how big or how small, the floral arrangements are carefully chosen and designed to decorate the venue. While traditional displays will always be popular, out-of-the-box flower decoration ideas for a big day are taking over wedding planning.

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Basically, the classic white roses will always be IN, only the way they’re styled is new. With that in mind, here are the hottest trends on the wedding scene right now that will turn your flower settings into art.

Floral Arrangements on Column Pedestals

Some might say that weddings are anything but minimalist. However, you can still liberate the space and keep it simple with floral arrangements on column pedestals. This idea is perfect for small venues, or when you want to create more room for guests to mingle. Moreover, if you decided to serve food instead of having a buffet, this will free space on the tables.

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Think of white and elegant columns around half a meter high with a flat surface on top for your flower arrangements. These can be placed by the tables, in the corners, behind the newlyweds, or down the aisle. This type of display is great for outdoor weddings as well, considering it’s easy to move and place wherever you want them.

Hanging Flower Balls

Small, medium or big, balls made of flowers are a cute and romantic idea, more popular with less formal weddings. If you are having a reception in your backyard, you can hang them from tree branches or a string over the table. They also look great if hung on the façade, roof edges, or on gate frame.

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Almost any flowers can go into this floral arrangement, but adding some green leaves will give it a more natural vibe, especially for an outdoor wedding. When the celebration is over, you can dissemble them and put the flowers in vases or preserve them as a memento.

A Flower Gift for Every Guest

Sharing your big day with other people is special in itself and involving them in the ceremony will make everything more festive. This is where flowers can help! Place a small and colourful lily bouquet on every guest seat to pin to their clothes or tie around the wrists as bracelets. Lilies are symbols of devotion, love, and fertility, so wearing them sends the message of best wishes to the newlyweds.

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You can attach a small floral bouquet to the wedding favour bags, and even give their seeds or seedling away as gifts to the guests. Placing a single flower with a personalized “thank you” note on each plate is a classy way to make everyone feel appreciated for attending your wedding day.

Floral Walls

There are several options for floral walls and all of them include a large variety of flowers. This is currently one of the most popular wedding trends right now giving that extra luxurious note to the event. Besides looking gorgeous, a floral wall can have an additional purpose, too. If placed by the venue entrance, your photographer can have your guests pose in front of it for official wedding photos.

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On another note, it can serve as a ceremony background for when you say “I do” or as a decoration behind the newlyweds’ table. In the latter case, you can have your florist write your name or some cute message with flowers, maybe even create shapes, like hearts. The possibilities are endless with different colours and sizes of blooms on your floral wall.

Flower Arches for the Venue

When someone mentions a flower arch, your first thought is that it stands behind the couple during the vow exchange ceremony. But this type of decoration can embellish other spaces and be one of the favourite spots for photo sessions. You can place it at the entrance to the venue, both inside and outside, or you can use it to separate different areas of the wedding.

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For example, the flower arches can mark an entrance to the dance floor or dining area. If budget is not an issue, think of creating an arched pathway full of hanging flowers, like white wisteria or vines of miniature roses.

Raised Floral Centrepieces on Tables

Usually, floral centrepieces would go in the middle of the table and include different sizes of flowers, leaves, and branches. This may sometimes prove to be an obstacle for guests to interact, and place their drinks, and personal belongings, like purses. However, if you raise the flowers above the tables on a stick or place them in tall and narrow vases, you will gain a considerable amount of space.

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Another benefit of this type of decoration is that the floral centrepieces will be visible throughout the room unlike when they are positioned on the tables. Not only will this make the whole venue look more festive and romantic, but also create an excellent backdrop for photos.

Lighting with Flowers

Imagine having a wedding in the evening and outside. In that case, lights will be one of the biggest items on the wedding planner’s list so people can both see each other and the décor. Luckily, you can combine lights and flowers to create a dreamy and fairy-like ambiance or at least a more cosy setting.


While candlelight may seem as a perfect way to create such an intimate environment, it will turn the whole venue darker than expected and into a potential fire hazard. Solar lanterns decorated with small flower bouquets and placed on tables are some of the safe and nice ways to increase the romance in the air. Alternatively, string lights above tables with flower garlands wrapped around the wire are more practical for indoor events.

Flower Crowns for the Guests

Even if you don’t want a big ceremony or all that glitz that goes with weddings, you can still have joyful flower decorations. Whether you are having a beach wedding in your bathing suit or exchanging vows in the city hall, flower crowns will be a delightful detail on guests’ heads. Actually, this is a perfect DIY project to calm the nerves down before your big day.

Most florists can make this head decoration for you or you can order artificial flower crowns online from various vendors specialized in tiaras and headbands. However, flower crowns are not only for Bohemian and no-fuss weddings. Even big events can have marvellous floral head wreaths with pearls and zirconia for added glamour that children will especially adore.

Hanging Flowers Above the Room

Hundreds of beautiful and colourful flowers hanging from the ceiling will be like walking into a fairyland. It will definitely leave an impression on everyone entering the room and be the highlight of the reception, besides the bride.

If you are having a wedding between April and June, consider having this type of décor for your wedding day. During this period lilacs are in bloom and they are absolutely lovely as ceiling decorations, especially with their sweet fragrance and gentle shades of white, purple, and pink. Even if lilacs are unavailable, you have many creative and stunning options, like hanging floral hoops and bright floral chandeliers.

Flowers on the Food

Why should flowers be only part of décor when they can also beautify your food? Some are even edible and will make the dishes tastier, like violets, nasturtiums, and marigolds. Some you can freeze and use as ice for cocktails, for example, pansies and Johnny jump-ups.

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Edible flowers can go on the wedding cake as well, only as decorations or to heighten the taste. Hibiscus, lavender, rose, violas, and dahlia are often used by bakers for cakes and are also safe to consume if you feel like it. So, if you want to have an out-of-the-box flower decoration, consider including them in the menu as well.

Glass Dance Floor with Flowers Underneath

Glamorous weddings require equally glamorous ideas, like having a see-through dance floor. If your venue has one, talk to the manager and your wedding planner to fill that space with lots of blooms. Led strips on the edges will give that area just enough light so everyone can see they are “floating” on the tons of flowers.

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When this is not possible due to logistics or lack of said flooring, you can hire a contractor to build it, just like you would for a conventional dance area. This is maybe a better option overall since you can choose the size of the floor, appearance, lighting, and height.

The Bottom Line

Flowers bring a lot to consider during wedding planning. They have different colours, shapes, sizes, and fragrances — all of which can contribute to or mess with the theme. This is why out-of-the-box flower decoration ideas for a big day are extremely popular today. Stepping away from familiar concepts brings uniqueness and freshness to the ceremony that many guests don’t expect. Even more, such an approach allows you to be creative with space and play with traditional motifs, giving them a contemporary form.