Next Year’s Biggest Bridal Jewellery Trends

For many of today’s modern brides, a beautiful wedding gown is clearly the most important thing when it comes to their wedding dress style, but accessories are close runners-up, as they tie the whole bridal ensemble together. While the perfect pair of shoes is an unavoidable part of any bridal look, jewellery is of utmost importance as well, as it is the perfect accessory to truly make the whole wedding day look one of a kind. If you’re preparing for your special day and looking to complete your bridal look, here is a list of the biggest jewellery trends that will have you looking like a modern, yet timeless bride.

Threader Earrings


Even the most traditional bride wants something that’s special and unique for her wedding. If you’re looking for something that will make you stand out, a pair of long and dramatic threader earrings are the perfect accessory. These beautiful earring styles give a dainty, free-flowing look that simply screams fun and celebration. The unique design allows these earrings to pass effortlessly through your ears for an elegant, high-fashion look that will have all of your guests talking. If you’re going to sport this lavish accessory, it would be best to give them the spotlight they deserve, so opt for a glamorous hairstyle where your hair is perfectly swept over your shoulder and held by a twinkling hair comb. This will give you a chic and elegant hairstyle that shows off your beautiful threader earrings in the best possible way.

Wedding Bands


Even though wedding rings are the first pieces of jewellery a bride purchases and something that is chosen long before the wedding day, there are still some trends to be followed this year, even when it comes to wedding bands. The most popular option brides are choosing this year seem to be dainty wedding rings in not so conventional shapes. While they’re mostly chosen in yellow gold, both white and rose gold seem to be popular as well. But whatever the colour, it seems like the focal point of every ring are intricate white or even black stones that make for the perfect simple, yet impactful bridal accessory. You can find beautiful wedding rings online that follow these trends perfectly and make for an ideal, elegant addition to your bridal jewellery collection.

Lariat necklaces


If you are one of those brides that are following the latest wedding dress trends and opting for a plunging neckline or a low cut back, then a lariat necklace is the ideal accessory that perfectly complements these beautiful dress styles. One of the fastest growing trends in the world of bridal fashion, lariat necklaces are dainty pieces of jewellery that bring a subtle touch of sparkle to any bridal look, while their elongated design perfectly matches the low-cut and form-fitting style of these popular wedding dresses. Simple and subtle, yet trendy, modern and very impactful, beautiful lariat necklaces simply beam elegance and style, while still adding a touch of modern sex-appeal to your bridal ensemble.

Pastel colours


Over the last few years, pastel colours have been gaining more and more popularity, and are a trend you could easily add to your wedding jewellery checklist, without even giving it a second thought. Whether you opt for one pastel colour or even a combination of a few, these soft and delicate hues effortlessly bring elegance and style into bridal jewellery and are easily contrasted with all of the pale and subtle hues of beautiful wedding gowns. Whether it’s your bridal earrings, necklace, bracelet or ring, pastel colours will elevate any piece of jewellery and tie your whole bridal look together. As long as you choose a metal that works with your stone colours, a pastel shade will bring a chic and elegant touch to your wedding jewellery and take your whole bridal look to the next level.

You don’t need to put too much effort into your attire to look stunning on your wedding day – simply choose a few of the abovementioned jewellery trends that reflect your personal taste and style the best, and you are bound to swipe everyone off their feet come your big day.