Never Make These Mistakes in a Wedding Speech

If you are going to speak at a wedding reception; then chances are that you are looking for wedding speech advice. You can find tons of advice on the Internet on things to say and points to tell. You will read mostly the things you know about such as prepare yourself, rehearse yourself, etc. However, no matter which advice you get; the best advice is that you speak from the bottom of your heart. You should be natural and you should add elements of humour in your speech.

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You should also make sure to thank people who have attended the ceremony in your speech while reserving a sizable portion of your speech to the wedding couple’s families.  No matter which speech you give; it does not matter as long as it does not violate the principles outlined below.

It is imperative that your speech is carefully prepared without the things stated below:

    1. Never speak about politics in your wedding speech.  This is probably the worst mistake that you can make as everyone will have different political views and no matter what you say, you won’t be able to appease everyone.
    2. In addition, never speak about controversial issues such as war and religion.  Everyone will have a different opinion on these subjects and you don’t want to create a charged negative climate with your speech. There have been instances of huge arguments in the wedding reception due to speeches like these.
    3. Do not give your speech in an overly serious tone.  Of course, your speech should have a structure to it but you should not overtly express yourself.
    4. Never structure the speech around yourself.   Don’t forget these two things: First, this day is not about you and secondly, the wedding speech reception is not the platform to appease your ego.  There are far better-suited places; if you want to give a speech.  Make sure that you focus your speech only on the wedding and the wedding couple.
    5. If you don’t express your well wishes to the wedding couple and their families; then this is one of the worst mistakes that you can make.
    6. If you don’t prepare yourself and do some research in the process, then your speech is bound to have major problems.
    7. Don’t give a gloomy speech as it will only make the mood depressive and heavy. Don’t forget that the bride’s family will be sad to lose their daughter and your gloomy speech will make them more depressed.
    8. Never tell about the inappropriate activities of the bride and the groom before their wedding day.  This can inflame an argument or at the best, it will cause embarrassment.

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