5 Neon Signs Ideas To Brighten Up Your Wedding

It’s electronic.  Couples are going crazy with the decoration idea of neon signs. Custom neon signs have been popping on the wedding day, and have been making couples glow with the illumination. The wedding day is a big day, elevating everyone’s mood and vibe for ‘rock-n-roll’!

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Neon signs are a wonderful addition to enlighten the fun and vibes of the day. There is a pool of varieties for neon signs but the ultimate happiness is crafting custom neon signs. There are endless possibilities for designs and decor, but how can a bride and groom decide which neon sign can add sparkle to their wedding?  There are several companies that supply custom neon signs, and deciding the design is the fun part. Here are five ways you can use these trendy elements to show neon signs at your nuptials.

Keep it Minimal

While deciding the neon sign always make sure to keep it minimal. A neon sign crafted with chic decor is enough to stand on its own. Too much light can dull the theme and effect of the custom design. Going minimal will not only save your money on additional over-the-top decoration but it will give a sophisticated look to the whole decor. You’ll also invest in something that is different. By keeping it minimal yet sophisticated and classy, it will grab the attention of guests at one glance.

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Express Yourself

The most beautiful way to customize neon signs for the wedding is crafting signs that describe you and your story. Neon signs are the best ways to express personalities. These cutting-edge signs will not only impress guests but will make you feel more special and exciting on your day. Shout out where your love story began with something like “Australia love” or share a sentiment thing of your relationship like, “It was always a yes”.

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Share Your #hashtag

Want your social media story to be highlighted on the wedding day? Turn them into hashtags. There is no better way to spread the word about your tag of choice by putting it up in the lights. Light is the best way to not only impress social media savvy guests but also an effective way to let people know more of you. Bride & Groom can combine their social media hashtags and turn their stories and thoughts into lights.

Amp Up Your Thanks

Get a custom made thank you neon sign and tag the particular neon sign on an exquisite photobooth. Ask your wedding photographer to take your picture with that neon sign, and it will be great for your thank you postcards. Also, it will be a great way to thank everyone for being there on your special day. You can also design custom neon signs for people who are special to you or for people who turn your love story into reality or who stood by or for anyone who was through thick and thin.

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Make a Photobooth

You can use neon lights for guests as well. Get a flower, heart, hello, love or any design or quote and decorate a photo booth with other decor elements. You can use this sign with a green grass wall, flower wall or anything and let guests enjoy taking photographs. Neon signs are the best way to turn a usual space to a picturesque space. This is a go-to way to let everyone say cheers or have a glass of champagne.

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