Most Popular Engagement Rings for 2019

One of our all-time favourite topics is bridal ring trends. You don’t have to be in the market for a brand-new sparkler to appreciate the beauty of a breathtakingly perfect engagement ring. We see brides from all over the country trawling Instagram and Pinterest, gathering inspiration and having their own design ideas created and the proudly displayed on their fingers. This has always put jewellers in the box seat for witnessing new trends emerging into the world of engagement rings.

We have seen two very strong trends gain traction in 2019, luckily, they are both styles we adore.


Arguably the strongest new trend is that of three stone engagement rings, specifically those with a coloured stone in the centre. Picture navy blue geometric shapes with triangular white diamonds or oval sapphires in heavenly teal tones with pear-shaped diamonds either side. Champagne diamonds or morganites paired with white diamonds are also popular choices for these styles. Diamond centre stones are still fairly popular but many more feature coloured stones. This makes them more cost-effective and allows the wearer to select a larger centrepiece for their three stone creation. We have also seen some lesser known diamond cuts such as shield cut and bullet cut diamonds becoming more prevalent as side stone options, an undeniable nod to the precise geometry of the Art Deco era.

Miranda Kerr, Emily Blunt and Kate Hudson all wear three stone engagement rings but most would credit the ring Prince Harry designed for Meghan Markle as the catalyst for this surge in popularity. Since the royal engagement, we have seen three stone designs leap onto wishlists of brides all over the world.

So, what is the significance or a three stone ring? Traditionally, three stone rings have been said to symbolise the past, present and future of the couple. They are also often referred to as the trinity or trilogy ring. The ‘trinity’ referring to the religious expression ‘Holy Trinity’ meaning the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Three stone rings have been a staple in any jewellers repertoire for decades but they typically featured 3 round diamonds. Recently, however, it is every other variation of shape and colour that has captured the hearts of women around the world.

The other trend that is all over Instagram and alike is the boho-inspired engagement ring. Whether it features an old mine cut diamond or coloured stone, they’re often perfectly imperfect and have a certain randomness to the design. Half haloes and delicate fans of marquise cut diamonds adorn the centrepiece like a tiny crown in styles that almost appear to already incorporate a wedding band.


Both of these trends have resulted in exquisite engagement ring designs that are truly timeless. These two styles reflect elements of eras past and, as a consequence, will not be instantly recognised as brand-new rings. Rose gold and yellow gold are the most popular metal choices for these designs, although sometimes white gold may be used to highlight the settings for white diamonds. Having the ring handcrafted entirely out of Fairtrade gold is an initiative that has been embraced by ethically minded couples all over Australia.

There is another related trend that has bloomed alongside these is vintage ring boxes. Gorgeous velvet mini ring boxes can be ordered in muted tones with your initials monogrammed, the perfect styling object for your #engagementringgoals insta post.

Source: Pinterest

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