Modern Wedding Traditions That You Will Definitely Like

Pretty much every country and culture has its own beloved wedding customs and specialties. From a bride breaking a plate for a successful life to a husband shooting his betrothed with a bow and arrow to make sure their love lasts forever. Most about-to-be marrieds get hitched with respect for their heritage given from ancestors, complying with all the religious and cultural traditions, which were established in the distant past.


For some couples, a wedding is something private and quite modest, while for others, it is an impressive and fixed in the mind event. So let’s embark on the wedding journey together. In this article, we will discuss the nuptial rites, that Mr and Mrs newly-wed make on their special day in different countries.


German weddings are rich with numerous customs, which were borrowed from other countries. However, the one known as the Polterabend is originally a German tradition. The given event takes place the night before the wedding, where invited relatives gather for a big party to break a bunch of porcelain dishes. The more plates are smashed, the happier life a couple will have. Certainly, cleaning up all the mess by the -newly-weds is another symbol, representing the strong commitment of the future family to work as a team.



If talking about the American wedding reception, American husbands and wives always follow the tradition of cutting the wedding cake, jointly holding a knife and, then, feed each other. In some cases, they may deliberately smear cake on each other’s faces, but it is very optional.


There is also an exciting tradition of stepping on a wine glass with a single step. It demonstrates the fragility of love, that can be easily destroyed but, at the same time, the power of marriage that will always find a way out of any struggles. Everyone, who has been at an American wedding, knows about “rice tradition,” where the wedding guests are given a chance to throw seeds of rice at the marriage partners, symbolizing the fertility and prosperity of a married couple.


The night before the young couple officially becomes a family, the groom is expected to arrange a well-known serenade, waking up his bride with a band of musicians and singing under the balcony. It is thought to be a truly joyous and high-spirited moment for every Italian family.

Besides this, there is another interesting tradition related to the groom’s tie, which is, then, cut into pieces and sold at “the wedding auction” as the first family budget. Another guests’ money contribution is made at the reception, where they place an envelope full of money in a basket. Or another and more enjoyable option is dropping money to a bride in exchange for a dance.



According to Brazilian customs, it is a horrible sign for the bride and the groom to see each other a few days before the celebration starts. That is why Brazilian spouses resist spending time together before the main ceremony of their lives. It is a common fact that the bride’s family is mostly responsible for wedding expenditures. However, it is all changing over time. And what has worked for others before, doesn’t have to work for somebody at the moment.



Unlike other weddings in European countries, there is no such phenomenon like endless guests’ speeches and eloquent toasts. If you are the type of wedding guest who hates long-lasting wishes from every single member at the celebration, this might become such an enjoyable benefit for you.


Another interesting thing that can surprise you is seeing a future couple standing alone with no bridesmaids or groomsmen. Usually, most about to be married couples celebrate their special day along with “the wedding assistants.” However, it is not very common for Spanish newly-weds.


Believe it or not, a typical Russian wedding is very similar to American ones. They adhere to the same cultural and spiritual traditions and follow exactly the same rules. Best men and maids of honour toast the couple with personal thoughts, stories, and well-wishes, other guests follow with their own toasts. Russian brides usually wear a white or light-coloured dress and veil.

Sometimes, Russian brides might be ‘captured’ by some guests. Or they bride-nap her during celebrations, forcing her new spouse to pay a ransom to get her back.


Additionally, if you are invited to a Russian wedding, be prepared to pay for the privilege like a glass, plate, and cutlery. This is done not because the newly-weds are stingy to their guests, no. It is all about helping them to boost their extra budget, as they start their new lives together.


Many newly-weds borrow wedding traditions from different cultures to make their special day even more memorable and unique.  This is particularly special when the couples’ cultures are mixed.

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