Men’s Rings 101:

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Ring For Men

Every time weddings are brought up, the main focus always circles the bride. What kind of dress will they be wearing? What will their wedding ring look like? The groom often ends up being an afterthought because many believe that preparing for them isn’t as strenuous or time-consuming as handling the bride. But be that as it may, a wedding won’t be complete without a partner. That’s why prepping the groom must also be properly taken care of.


Despite how small they are, wedding rings own the spotlight right next to how gorgeous the couple is dressed. But typically, the bride’s rings steal the show, leaving the groom’s band looking like an ornament beside it.

Although most men prefer being simple, some still look forward to seeing more variety. Luckily, design options for men’s rings are starting to grow in the market. It’s only a matter of how you can find the perfect one that could be your roadblock. Keep reading here to learn more.

1. Start Early

The best way to kick off your search for the right wedding ring is by starting early, especially if you want it to be custom-made. After all, fashioning it after the wedding ring from your dreams takes time. Admittedly, it’ll take a shorter time if you want something you’ve seen from the display case. But despite that, sizing and polishing it requires a lengthy preparation time.

Aside from those, starting early grants you more room to talk to your partner about wedding rings. Since they’re supposed to complement each other, finding the right ring for the groom also means finding one for the other. For those whose partner is a bride, most designs made for them typically cost a lot more compared to the groom’s. Hence, there’s no question that choosing a wedding ring must involve the partner right from the get-go.

2. Include Your Lifestyle

Most – if not all – married couples wear their wedding rings day in and day out. It symbolises their union with the one they loved, after all. They’d want to wear it with pride at any given opportunity and look at it every time they’re far away from one another. With that in mind, it only makes sense to consider what your day-to-day life looks like.

For example, those who work a hands-on job at a construction site or any career where they get their hands dirty are bound to ruin their wedding rings as much as they don’t want that to happen. Therefore, instead of choosing one that uses a delicate metal, look for a scratch-resistant ring. Avoid going for extremely hard metals, though, since they’re difficult – even almost impossible – to cut off in emergencies.

Life still goes on for newlyweds. There’s nothing different from how they lived last week to the day after they got married. Now that they’re married, they’ve deepened their relationship. Hence, working with it is a must to have it stay as a part of a new chapter of their life. And that’s embodied in the wedding ring you choose.

3. Make Sure it Fits

Naturally, your ring finger gets measured when choosing a ring as part of tradition. Otherwise, it can either cut off circulation and hurt you, or it’ll be too loose that it keeps falling off. But aside from measurements, consider whether you want a standard or a comfortable fit ring. Standard fit rings are snug around the finger since their inside has a flat surface. Meanwhile, comfort fit rings are slightly rounded for an easier time to slide them on or off.

Both ‘fits’ are meant to accommodate those who aren’t used to wearing jewellery and those who do. Since they’re loose, comfort fit rings are perfect for those unused to hand accessories. Moreover, the same applies if your line of work has you taking off your ring regularly. Standard fit rings are only applicable to those who are comfortable with rings and don’t have any need to take them off.

4. Know Your Metals

Gold, silver, and platinum are classic precious metals used for producing men’s rings. But now that different metals are discovered, men’s rings continue to grow more in variation—tungsten, titanium, and cobalt, to name a few. Each has perks that cater to everyone, be they aesthetic or practical. Hence, asking an expert about which metal is perfect for you is recommended.

5. Consider Your Preferences

Some guys like their wedding ring plain, while others want them to be unique and meaningful. Fortunately, many customisations, such as engravings or detailing, are available in stores. You can even look into various designs that add changes to the finish, like hammered, meteorite, or matte. Ensure you look at all your options before settling on a wedding ring.


Since they embody the union between those who love each other with their entire hearts, wedding rings are supposed to last a lifetime. Hence, just like choosing the one you want to spend your life with, choosing the perfect wedding ring takes a lot of thought, even for guys. Although it seems stressful, you can still enjoy the entire process, especially if you know what you’re supposed to look for in a ring.