Mediterranean-Inspired Weddings

Finding just the right style for your wedding design can make this already special day truly unforgettable and fairy-tale-like. There’s a world of wedding design inspiration, but you need to find a look that will help you give your own personal touch to the entire wedding ceremony. If you want a wedding that exudes romance and magic, but it’s dominated by a relaxed atmosphere, you should give a Mediterranean-inspired design a chance. Featuring a dreamy, somewhat exotic flair, Mediterranean style can bring a casual, soothing, yet infinitely charming and stylish vibe to your big day.

It All Starts with the Venue

Mediterranean style is associated with the beautiful regions in Italy, Spain and the south of Greece characterised by mesmerising beaches and lush landscapes. Therefore, when choosing your wedding venue, you should go with a location that will help you capture the beauty of these Mediterranean countries. Of course, you can always have your wedding abroad at a true Mediterranean location.

Nonetheless, a beachside venue can be the perfect choice for your Mediterranean-inspired wedding because it features a casual, relaxed atmosphere and a romantic vibe. You can pick a venue that overlooks the sea if you don’t want an outdoor ceremony.

The Mediterranean is also characterised by lush, colourful gardens, which brings you another possible option for your wedding venue. You can host your wedding in the middle of a lush garden where you’ll be surrounded by natural scenery.

The Mediterranean Colour Palette for Dreamy Appeal

Mediterranean style draws colour inspiration from the surrounding landscapes – sunny beaches, deep turquoise waters, lush greenery. Some of the most dominant hues include different shades of brown, green, blue, purple, white and yellow. Each of these lovely hues can bring a certain charm to your wedding design, filling it with a truly unique atmosphere.

When choosing your colour scheme, you should pick a backdrop colour and one or two accent colours. White or off-white are always a great choice for a subtle base, creating a sense of serenity and relaxation. You can further use dusty and matte greens (think olive, marsh and asparagus green) or go with mauve or lavender with dusty blue colour schemes for every season. You can try out different combinations and find one that truly inspires you.

A Shaded, Cosy and Intimate Ceremony Oasis

Mediterranean sanctuaries exude cosiness, comfort and intimacy, so you should try to create such an ambience on your wedding day. Once you’ve decided where you’ll host the wedding ceremony and reception, you should start preparing the venue. If you’re organising an outdoor wedding, it’s important that you provide your guests with enough shade. In addition, Mediterranean gardens are all characterised by rustic pergolas and dreamy arches. You should use these elements for styling your wedding aisle – a beautiful Mediterranean-style runner rug can lead to a dreamy arch or wooden pergola dressed in laced fabrics, flowers and olive branches.

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When it comes to the reception area, you should consider installing custom made shade sails for a cosy, dreamy appeal. This shading solution is much more appropriate for this area because it can cover more space, ensuring that all of your guests feel comfortable. In addition, you can choose a design that will easily fit into the overall style and even set the mood.

Table Arrangements to Remember

Mediterranean style is known for its relaxed vibe that combines elegance with rustic beauty. When setting up your seating arrangements, you can go with long rustic tables and chairs that will add warm wooden tones to your colour palette. You can leave the tables bare and raw for a truly rustic look or dress them up with simple, yet elegant white linen runners. Chairs can also be left bare or styled with olive branches, laced bows or fresh flowers.

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Table decorations can be quite simple and casual, which will still bring a Mediterranean vibe to your wedding. Terracotta pots are a perfect choice for vases since terracotta is widely used in Mediterranean-style spaces. You can decorate your tables with fresh colourful flowers, lovely candles arranged in glass or brass bowls, olive branches tied with white bows and placed in the plates, etc. You can also use mismatched plates and cutlery for a beautiful rustic vibe, choosing floral designs and Mediterranean motifs. Keep in mind that Mediterranean-inspired weddings aim at capturing a natural, relaxed look that exudes romance and elegance, so you can’t go wrong if you keep it simple, yet tasteful.

A Mediterranean-inspired wedding can fill your special day with a sense of whimsical romance, making you feel as if you were in a dreamy country by the sea, surrounded with people you love and inspiring landscapes.

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