Make Your Wedding Photos Even More Special With Instant Cameras

Having a professional photographer and videographer at your wedding is irreplaceable to have high-quality photos and videos you’ll look back on years from now. But what about using instant cameras to capture your special day in a much more relaxed, candid way?

Instant photography is an instant hit at weddings. Polaroid photos of your special day are unique, personal, less conventional, and a super fun wedding activity for your guests!

It makes total sense to have polaroid cameras at weddings, whether it’s a wedding polaroid station with a guest book, an instant photo booth, or an instant camera placed on each table. It’s all about capturing blissful memories in the most relaxed way possible, and making the day even more memorable.

Why Is Instant Photography Special?

There’s something so special about immediately being able to hold the photo in your hand right after taking it. There’s no delay in waiting for prints as the images appear on the film in minutes.

Guests can pick up a wedding polaroid or instant camera in the reception area or off their table and capture a different, more relaxed perspective. Looking back on all of the instant photos captured throughout the day, you’ll be able to experience the day through a variety of different perspectives!

Plus, in front of professional photographers, people don’t often feel all that at ease, but they can relax and express themselves more naturally in instant photos taken by friends and family.

It’s a really immersive wedding activity for guests, and if taking the photograph didn’t break the ice between guests, the printed results will. Making instant memories with wedding polaroids turn strangers into friends, elevating the vibe of the whole wedding.

The bride and groom can enjoy the reception, knowing that guests are having a great time making sentimental wedding polaroid pictures, connecting over small format prints. Whether they’re hilarious or sweet, these little keepsakes are instantly special.

For bonus points, you can even choose instant film with a border that is harmonious with your overall wedding aesthetic. 

4 Ways To Use Instant Cameras At Your Wedding

There’s a range of ways you can incorporate instant photography into your big day. Find what works best with your style, venue, and guest list.

Take some wedding inspiration from the following creative wedding photo ideas and trends: 

#1 A Polaroid Guest Book

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Depart from a traditional guest book and encourage each guest or couple to take an instant selfie and share a few words in your Polaroid guest book. Pop the book beside a camera, some markers, and some double-sided tape, and let the guests get creative. This is something you will cherish forever, and Polaroid guest book signing gives the guests another chance to personally congratulate the happy couple.

#2 An Instant Photo Booth

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 As the night goes on and refreshments flow, your guests will thoroughly enjoy an instant photo booth. Don’t forget to look online for fun props in a theme that’s in line with your wedding, or even consider the DIY approach and make silly props for guests to pose with. Make sure this is in an area of the venue with plenty of space, as the guests will no doubt congregate around the photo booth for the sheer entertainment and joy of it all.

#3 Polaroid Wedding Decorations

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Table place cards can be given a unique DIY theme with the help of instant photography. Take some photos of you and your partner, and turn them into place cards. You could also scatter the instant images on each table among flowers and candles, or whatever you’re decorating the tables with. This is a great way to honour the love you share and provide guests with personalised mementos.

#4 Polaroid Thank-You Cards

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Along the same lines, you can make use of any instant photographs captured on the day when you’re wrapping things up and creating thank-you cards for your guests. If you don’t feel like giving up the hard copies of the photos, consider digitising them and printing them again directly on the card. To do this, all you need is a good-quality scanner.

It’s obvious why guests and couples adore polaroid cameras for weddings and instant photo booths. They make wedding memories all that more personal and special, and they lift the wedding atmosphere for an unforgettable celebration of love with your nearest and dearest.