Maid of Honour Duties and How to Choose the Right One

Choosing Your Maid of Honor

It has been said over and over – planning a wedding can be stressful. With so much to think about and pay for it can indeed put you on edge. You have to find a venue, set a date, find a caterer, a wedding photographer, entertainment suppliers, photo booths wedding planner and stylist and so much more! On top of that, you have to choose your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and maid of honour – which is not always an easy task.


A maid of honour is one of the key persons at a wedding and she plays a major role in helping you achieve what you want for your big day. Being a maid of honour isn’t just a title and it’s not just about the “honour”. It entails a lot of responsibilities so it is best that you choose someone that knows and understands that. 

Maid of Honor Duties

Your MOH is your main support from the time you start planning, during the big day itself, and even after your wedding. To be more specific, here are the following duties your maid of honour will have during her “reign”:

  1. Lend a hand (and ear) to the bride during the planning stage

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Your MOH is the person who can help you decide which theme to use, what colours can match, what cake flavour tastes best, and so on. She will be there to assist you with the tasks you need help with, hear out your ideas, and provide suggestions when needed. She can also be someone you can share a few drinks with and listen to you as you express how tired and frustrated you are with the wedding planning – because, trust us, it WILL happen.

  1. Leading the Bridesmaids


A maid of honour is like the leader of the pack. She is responsible for leading the other bridesmaids and keeping them organized.

  1. Plan your Hen’s Night or Bachelorette Party


Usually, the MOH, along with the other bridesmaids, is responsible for planning your hen’s night or bachelorette party. She gets to choose a venue, the decors, and order food/drinks. She’s also the one who will start an email or message thread where the bridesmaids will discuss all the details about the wedding.

  1. Attend Fittings and Wedding Dress Shopping


You may or may not ask your MOH to join you with picking your dress and attend your fittings. But, many brides love having theirs around and commenting or giving their opinion.

  1. Act as a messenger between you and your soon-to-be groom

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If you are into exchanging gifts or love notes before the actual ceremony, your MOH can help you deliver them and share with you just how your soon-to-be groom reacted.

  1. Prepare the things you will need

There’s no saying what will happen during the duration of your wedding day. So, it’s important that you are prepared. Along the way, you may need certain items like a safety pin or a tissue – which is a must when you start tearing up (which is not far from happening considering you are marrying the love of your life). You can also let her hold your vows if you’re intending on reading one.

  1. Keep you calm


This is probably the biggest role of your MOH. She should be able to keep you calm when you start getting stressed or overwhelmed. This is the reason why you should know your MOH well and vice versa.

  1. Help you with your train and veil during the Wedding Ceremony


Once you reach the altar, your MOH will help you arrange your dress, train, and veil, making sure that you look great and you feel comfortable.

  1. Hold your Bouquet

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You will have to hand over your bouquet to your MOH particularly when exchanging vows and rings.

  1. Assist with your train and help you in using the restroom

Even after the wedding, your MOH still has a lot of things to help you with. She will still assist you with your dress and train. And, that means having her with you as you use the restroom as well. Again, another reason why you should choose someone you know very well and feel comfortable with.

  1. Give a speech


One of the most known roles of a maid of honour is to say a few words during your reception. Usually, the maid of honour will give her speech after the best man.

Importance of Choosing the Right Maid of Honor

Now, there are really no rules on choosing your maid of honour. You could go with your best friend, a close relative, or your sister. The only thing to remember is that this important person in your life should be someone you can trust and rely on. You need someone who will be willing to stay by your side even when things go bad.


With the right MOH by your side, you can ensure that your wedding will run smoothly. And, you can make your life way easier. Avoid the stress and lessen the unnecessary frustration with the perfect maid of honour who knows you, understands you, and loves you enough that she’s willing to go to the restroom with you and help you pee! With the right help, you can certainly make your dream wedding come true!