Jenson and Jeaness’ Wedding Proposal

We were lucky enough to be a part of a very special wedding proposal at Brighton Beach on Tuesday 9th May for Jenson and his partner Jeaness. Jenson flew his girlfriend over from Singapore for a romantic holiday in Melbourne and decided it was the perfect time to pop the question.

After much research, he decided that a beach proposal was the most suitable and chose Brighton Beach due to its close proximity to the city and to see the famous beach boxes.

However, everything didn’t always go to plan. The original date of Saturday 6th May was extremely windy with rain and was not proving to be romantic at all, so luckily Jenson could change the story and reschedule for a nicer day.

Unfortunately, the ring was stolen a couple of days before, from his bag, on a trip to the Great Ocean Road. After a mad dash to find a replacement, temporary ring to use for the occasion, the day worked out as planned and she said YES!!!!

It was great to work alongside videographer Langdon from Life in Motion who used his skill to video the couple without being noticed until the proposal was complete.

We wish Jenson and Jeaness all the happiness and a safe trip back to Singapore.