Is an Outdoor Wedding Right For You?

For most brides and grooms, there are a plethora of options for wedding venues. While many people still favour an indoor affair at a church or country club, the outdoor wedding is also a popular option. In fact, over the last couple of years, outdoor weddings and garden weddings have been on the rise.

With that said, they are not for everyone. Choosing to wed outdoors means you will need to make changes and modifications that you would not have to do in a traditional venue. However, if done right, it can all be worth it in the end. If you are on the fence about having an outdoor wedding, then consider these tips and make the best choice for you and your significant other.

Benefits of Outdoor Weddings

If you are considering an outdoor wedding but are still undecided, then you can think about the benefits of being wed outside. First, although we are starting to see an end to COVID-19, having large gatherings outdoors is still considered safer than having everyone in an enclosed space. You may have older family members at your wedding, so getting out in the fresh air can eliminate the chance that they can get sick during the celebration.


There are also perks to being outside in general. When we gather outdoors, it is typically easier to relax because nature and fresh air have a way of calming us down, and that could be a good atmosphere to have at your wedding. Plus, that important fresh air can also improve our physical health by improving our immune system and our lung function. So, you are doing your guests a great service by getting outside.

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The final great perk is that outdoor weddings are fun! It is a chance to do something new, and there are many great themes that you can try. For instance, you could have a tropical theme where you have exotic flowers and feature vibrant, beautiful colours. You could also try an eco-friendly theme where guests throw out biodegradable confetti and get small plants for wedding favours. There is a lot of fun to be had outdoors and you are only limited by your imagination.

Details That Can Be Easy To Forget

Once you have decided to have an outdoor wedding, you need to start the planning. With an outdoor wedding, you will need to make more arrangements than with an indoor wedding because you won’t have the shelter and amenities a building offers.

First, you will need to consider the weather. Look ahead to see what the forecast holds. In addition to avoiding rain, you will also need a day that is not too hot or too cold, as extreme weather can pose a health risk. If you know it will be warm, then consider allowing the guests to wear light garden party attire and allow people to wear comfortable shoes. Typically, spring or fall are better seasons because those are the seasons with the mildest temperatures. If you are going to get married outside, then you may want to have a contingency plan that includes an indoor location on hand just in case the weather turns on you.

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Next, you will need to think about the fact that you may not have the electricity necessary to heat your food, cool your drinks, and light up the area, if necessary. To remedy the situation, you can look into a generator that will supply the energy that you need. You’ll want to find a generator that is about 3000 watts, which is enough to power a refrigerator and several light bulbs.

You will also need to think about accessibility at your wedding. You may have older family members or guests with disabilities, and you need to ensure that everyone can attend safely and have the same opportunities to have fun as everyone else. To that end, you will want to verify that there are wheelchair ramps and railings in place when necessary. Also, make the necessary arrangements to ensure that guests who have sensory and hearing difficulties can hear and see the nuptials so they can also remember this wonderful day.

Planning The Reception

If you are also having the reception outside, then you will need to make specific arrangements. Most importantly make accommodations for your dishes, how you will prepare them, and how you will serve guests while you are outdoors. It is a good idea to avoid food that can quickly go bad in warm weather like fish, uncooked fruits and vegetables, and ice cream. Instead, go for dishes that are meant to be warm, like pulled pork, roast beef, and chicken meals.


When it comes to dessert, you can still go with many of the classics, including a traditional wedding cake. You could also set up a dessert bar where guests can choose from many options, which could include glazed fruit strawberries, mini doughnuts, or a chance to make their own s’mores.

Many receptions involve alcohol, but you can make the choice if you want to include beer and wine at your wedding. This may be a deal-breaker for you, but keep in mind that alcohol at a wedding has its pros and cons. For one, serving drinks are a great way for guests to let loose, but it can easily lead to a chaotic day and the alcohol itself may even make certain guests sick during or after the wedding. As such, don’t kick out the perfect venue just because they don’t serve alcohol — if you want, you can bring your own alcohol.

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As you can see, an outdoor wedding can be incredibly fun and rewarding, but proper preparation is key. Consider the tips and advice discussed here, and you can have a wedding that you and your guests will remember forever.