Inspiring Bridal Eye Makeup Looks

If your big day is approaching, you should start thinking about one of the most important parts of your bridal look: your makeup. Picking the right makeup look for such an important event is anything but easy. On the one hand, a subtle look is the best way to emphasize you’re natural beauty. On the other hand, when else would you wear the most glamorous eye makeup look you can think of if not now? Regardless of whether you are leaning towards the former or the latter, you should start browsing for inspiration and experimenting to create the perfect fit.

Go Classic

A lot of brides decide to go for a simple and classic look for this big day. Indeed, you cannot go wrong with this look, as it is timeless – you won’t look back at your wedding photos with regret that you succumbed to a trend that went out of fashion two months later. Add some dimension to your eyes with some soft brown tones and blend them into a soft smoky eye. Incorporate a light or even shimmery shade for the inner corners of your eyes to brighten them up a bit. Use your favourite eyeliner for a subtle wing if you wish so, and finish off with some mascara or false lashes. Impossible to mess it up!

Keep it Natural

A no-makeup-makeup look is all the rage today and for good reasons. It lets your natural beauty shine, and it simply enhances the features you want to draw attention to. It’s also a great choice for those who don’t usually wear makeup or don’t want to worry about messing up their look throughout the day. Perfect for beach weddings and outdoor weddings in general! Add just a touch of bronze or other natural shade to your lids. You can also use eyelash extensions instead of false lashes for a more natural look. Skip the winged liner.

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Soft and Romantic

You can also take inspiration for your eye makeup from your wedding theme. Are you perhaps having a vintage wedding with romantic lights, delicate floral details, and soft tones? Reflect on this with your eyeshadow choice! Go for a romantic pink hue for a beautiful, pure vibe. You can also go for rose gold if you want a shimmery look! Instead of liquid liner, use a brown pencil, and don’t overdo your mascara. Instead, emphasize your lash line with some well-blended eyeshadow for a much softer look.

A Touch of Sparkle

Glitter makes everything better, and if this is a philosophy you believe in, you should try a glamorous, sparkly eye makeup look. Use a shimmery eyeshadow, and glitz it up with a glitter eyeshadow for a wow effect. However, be sure to set it well; you don’t want glitter all over your face a few hours into your wedding day.

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Bring in the Drama

For those who want to go all out on this day, a dramatic eye makeup look is the most suitable. The smoky eye never goes out of style, so it’s a great way to create a more high-key look. However, if you are planning to apply heavy makeup, make sure you only use the finest waterproof products to keep everything in place throughout the day. Browse high-quality wholesale makeup from Australia to find the right eyeshadows and be generous with the fixative. As for the colours, you might want to steer clear from black; instead, try muted plum or greyish shades. Naturally, such a grand look will require dramatic false lashes for the best effect.

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A Splash of Colour

If you’re not afraid of colour, a playful eye makeup look can add some interest to the classic bridal ensemble. This year, blue is everywhere, so why not add “something blue” to your look through your eyeshadow? Bold orange tones, on the other hand, would fit bohemian weddings perfectly. Play around with different coloured eyeshadows, and you might find your new favourite.

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Whether you are doing your bridal makeup or you’ll be in professional hands, having a good idea of what you want is paramount. What looks good on the internet might not suit you, so trying out many different looks is the safest way to pick the right one. Remember that your eye makeup should be harmonious with the rest of your look. If you go dramatic, keep the lips simple, and vice versa. However, don’t feel like you are constrained by rules: this is your day, so do what you like!

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