Inexpensive Flowers For Your Wedding Bouquet

If you are on a tight budget but still want to create a gorgeous wedding bouquet of flowers, the smart option, of course, is to focus on the lower end of the price range.

This doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice beauty, however, and there are many inexpensive flowers which you could choose from.

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Here are just some examples that you could choose, to create the most delightful budget wedding bouquet.


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If you were to consider expensive flowers then you may have roses at the top of the list, but these can in fact be a low-cost option. Florists understand that some clients want beauty at a lower cost, and will offer smaller roses that fit into this category. For oversized and deep coloured flowers you may be paying a premium, but there are smaller, lighter roses that can fit into your budget and brighten up your bouquet.


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 Daisies are so simple and pretty, fitting in perfectly with any other type of flower. These little round beauties are rich in colour and bring fun and happiness to any bouquet. Additionally, the gerbera daisy is a low-cost option and the addition of just 3 or 4 of these will be enough to give you the perfect look.

 Tiger Lilies

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Lilies are used in all manner of occasions, from weddings to anniversaries, birthdays and even as funeral flowers. The lily represents peace, innocence and tranquillity, and it is also a low-cost option for your collection. The beauty of using these flowers, in particular, is that they are often closed when bought, and over the following days they will flourish and explode with colour.


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Carnations were often seen as the poor relative of the rose, but they are in fact delightful and more aesthetically pleasing than many give them credit for. The best way to use carnations in the bouquet is to consider them as fillers. In doing this the lighter tones of the flower’s colours can help to bring out the brightness in others. Carnations are very low cost and work perfectly as a budget floral choice.


Each year thousands of people go to the Netherlands to experience acres upon acres of growing tulips. These floral tourists do this for one reason: these colourful flowers are absolutely beautiful. Tulips come in an enormous range of colours from black to red, pink to yellow and everything in-between. These are a low priced option that will help your bouquet to explode into life with bursting colours and cute flower heads.

Many think that creating a bouquet on a budget can’t be done, but if you choose from this delightful mix of flowers, along with some basic grassy fillers, you will be able to create the perfect collection without having to break the bank.