How to Welcome a Dog into Married Life?

Dogs are a big part of a family. They are legit family members, and you can’t put them away just because you are making vows with another person.

There comes a time when you need to make crucial decisions in life. But does it mean that you can’t find a way out?

So, what happens when you want to get married, but have a pet dog?

Is it true that dogs can lead to quarrels or separations in a couple?

The answer to these questions primarily depends on how to see things and your ability to manage them.

If you are truly determined, then striking a balance will never be hard for you.

Here are some thoughtful ways you can blissfully welcome a dog as a part of your family in the new stage of your life.

Introduce Your Pet

First things first.

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You need to introduce your pet to your significant other. Not only for them to get familiar with your pet, but also for your pet to start realising that there is a new addition to the family, and now the family will only grow more.

This is a crucial stage of maintaining harmony in the house. Every member should be well aware of the other.

Only mutual understanding, care, and loyalty will allow things to move forward swiftly.

You have to keep in mind that even though you may have introduced your dog and your spouse in detail, they still need time to get used to the new change. And this is necessary for both; your pet dog and your spouse.

It will take time for them to understand one another and show love to one another. There is no point in rushing things. Also, don’t be afraid or confused if they both will go well together.

Only time will tell and unfold things. For now, be patient.

Pay Attention To Your Partner And Your Dog

Things may escalate if you fail to strike a balance. Your management is essential. This is where effective management will come into play and sort many of your life problems.

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Strike a balance when it comes to paying attention to either of your family members. It would be best if you assigned time for your dog and your partner.

Even though this is not a competition, and if your partner loves your dog as much as you do, they would understand that there is no comparison of the love you have for them and your dog.

However, it is still necessary to know when one of them is getting neglected. If you have a spouse and a dog in the same house, it is your responsibility to know each of their rights and recognize when one is being left out.

Don’t Argue Over The Petty Stuff

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It is possible to argue. It is highly likely, and many couples argue over their pets. It can be about their dog’s health, or the food brand that they individually deem best for their pet, or whether or not they should get treats more often during the day.

This happens when both of you love your dog, but, unfortunately, it also builds chaos because the couple keeps arguing over petty things.

You may be too cautious about your dog, and your partner would find it irritating because you worry too much about the dog when in reality, there is not much to worry about and think about.

Remember that all of it might lead to quarrels, and these petty quarrels combine and build towards a bigger fight.

Prevent yourself from going into the more minor arguments so you can live peacefully in the longer run.

Identify If It Is About You Or The Dog

As mentioned above, prevent going into an argument, especially over your pets.

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But if you keep finding yourself involved in a fight, then ask yourself a question: is it really about the dog, or is it about you?

Are you fighting because your dog is being neglected somehow, or you want to oppose your partner over something?

At times, a person’s ego gets in the way and prevents them from accepting other people’s suggestions. You never have to be one of them.

For this, observe your behaviour and the factors that provoke you. Look out for the reasons why you start fighting in the first place.

Remember that if you have chosen to get married and live a happy life along with a pet dog in your family, things can be delightful or on the brink of collapse.

Divide The Responsibility

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When you are a family, the chores around the house need to get prioritised, sorted out, and divided amongst the lot.

You and your partner should set responsibilities about who gets to take the dog out for a walk and who gets to take them to the vet. If you keep doing everything by yourself, or if your partner refuses to play their part and take their responsibility, then the chances are that your family may collapse way before then it was supposed to.

Take charge and actively divide the responsibilities. Also, trust in your partner that they will love your dog and do things for them just the way you do.

Last Thoughts

You can start a lovely family with your partner and your dog as long as you play your part correctly.

There is nothing complicated about it, and if you have the will to keep your family strong, you will take all measures to keep things peaceful.

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