How to Treat Your Wedding Vendors

Weddings follow unique etiquette codes. It can seem impossible to learn all the rules. One frequently asked question is, “how do I reward those that help make my big day special?”

You want to show your appreciation to those that create your event. Here’s how to treat your wedding vendors.

1. Give Them a Parting Gift

You make plenty of extra wedding day favours so that you have enough for every attendee. Your vendors deserve a unique memento of the occasion — why not playoff this idea and give your DJ and catering crew customized versions of the thank yous you leave on guest tables?

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Your parting favours probably already reflect your wedding’s theme, such as tiny sewing kits at a homestyle DIY affair. You can make the version for your vendors even more elegant by adding extras like a yarn stash bag, addi hooks or a pom-pom maker for a complete fabric crafts collection. Your vendors will appreciate your thoughtfulness — and use the contents.

2. Tip Them Generously

Are tipping rules confusing or what? You know that you need to pay your vendors’ invoices, but which professionals do you tip?

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Fortunately, it’s appropriate to give the standard 15% to 20% to most, but check your contracts before automatically tacking this amount for everyone from your floral delivery person to your caterer. If you hire servers for a sit-down meal, gratuity may be included in your fees.

You might want to add cash tips for the head waiter, head chef and kitchen help. You can distribute these envelopes at the start of your event if you plan on beating a hasty getaway.

3. Provide Testimonials

Testimonials are among the best advertising for small businesses. They can use your words on everything from flyers to company websites to broadcast the quality work they do.

Your vendor may ask you for a testimonial, but many overlook this request — especially if they are small and not yet established. Offer to write a review or delight them after the event with a customised thank you note that doubles as a plug.

4. Link to Them on Social Media

Many small businesses rely on word-of-mouth advertising to grow. You can help spread the word by linking to them on social media.

After your event, ask your vendors for a link to their Facebook and Instagram pages if they don’t provide this information on their business cards. Let them know you’d like to tag them in pictures if you plan to do so.

5. Include Them in the Fun

Your wedding vendors will stand by respectfully on the sidelines while you dance the night away — but they might feel a bit wistful. Why not invite them in on the fun?

Remember, they won’t invite themselves to the dance floor or steal a piece of cake unless you give the okay. Tell your caterer to distribute a slice to everyone, including the serving staff. Instruct your photographer to put down the camera during their favourite jam and cut a rug with you and the guests.

Treat Your Wedding Vendors Well With These 5 Tips

Your vendors do a lot to make your special day memorable. Reward them for their efforts by treating them well with the above tips.

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