How to Treat Your Bridesmaids with Thoughtful Gifts

The most important day of your life is approaching and you couldn’t be happier. You also know that your wedding day wouldn’t be as joyful without your favourite girls that have been your support and enormous help throughout the wedding preparation process. Thus, they deserve special gifts, something to be a dear memory of this beautiful day that you will celebrate together.

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Instead of some predictable, generic gifts, your bridesmaids deserve unique and thoughtful presents, so the best is to surprise them with lovely eco-friendly gifts. We bring you a few amazing ideas for thoughtful gifts that your girlfriends are guaranteed to love.

Cute Sleep Masks

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We all know how busy and hectic the days leading up to a wedding can be. There are numerous things to take into account, and a lot of work is done by your girlfriends, most notably, by your maid of honour. Exactly because this is such an emotional but also quite challenging role, you want to truly be sure that the friend you chose is ready to tackle all of the duties of the maid of honour. That is why she will certainly be happy with a silk or weighted eye mask that will provide her with a good night’s sleep. Actually, all of your bridesmaids will appreciate this kind of present, which they can use many times, and that will always be a dear memory of you and this special day.

A Thoughtful Piece of Jewellery

Earrings, necklaces, or bracelets are always a great choice for a present for your bridesmaids. They’re not only fashionable but also a timeless mark of your friendships. To genuinely show your favourite girls that you love each of them for who they are, the best is to opt for charming sustainable jewellery that is made of repurposed materials and thus, every piece is unique, the same as each of the girls. For example, you can gift them gold friendship bracelets, which are each one-of-a-kind but still connected with a few beautiful similar traits, just like the friendship you share. Moreover, the gift will be even more precious if it is made by a jewellery brand that empowers women, as it’s always amazing to support girl power.

Chic Cotton Totes

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An item that is very useful and will last for years is definitely a nice canvas tote bag. To be sustainable, opt for the ones made from recycled or organic cotton, or the ones made from other reused materials (there are some really cute ones made out of recycled water bottles). You can customize them and imprint a special message or the date of your wedding. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt that this kind of present is both eco-friendly and super trendy, as even the ultimate fashionista Carrie Bradshaw was seen strolling the streets of New York with a tote bag.

Alluring Candles

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You will never go wrong with gifting someone a lovely candle or a set of spicy and romantic candles. Your bridesmaid can use these candles for when you throw a relaxing girls’ night after the wedding day, for a dreamy summer dinner with their boyfriend/husband, or simply keep them as a memory of this special time in your lives. Go for non-toxic, eco-friendly candles, such as the ones made from soy wax. These kinds of candles are not only better for the environment and vegan but they also have a longer-lasting scent to them that comes from the essential oils. Make this gift even more special by wrapping it together with a handwritten note to each of the girls, in which you will thank them and show how much you appreciate their friendship.

Elegant Travel Mugs

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Coffee is clearly essential during your wedding preparations. While always on the go, there is no doubt that your friends (and you) will be in need of some sustainable travel mugs to be able to sip your macchiato or lattes throughout the day. So, treat your bridesmaids with nice and modern glass or stainless steel mugs that they can later on use when heading off to work or to do errands. Don’t forget to make each coffee mug special by having it customized.

Finally, tell your bridesmaids how much you love and appreciate them by treating them with these thoughtful and fun presents. The gifts will be the perfect little detail to celebrate your friendship.