How to Throw the Perfect Wedding Cocktail Party

Your wedding day is a day you will remember for the rest of your life. In 10 or 20 years when you look back, you want to be able to say that everybody had a great time and that your wedding was a true representation of who you and your partner are. So, if you happen to like cocktails and want to skip the fancy, traditional type of wedding, keep on reading to find out how you can make a perfect wedding cocktail party.

Choose a theme

Many different themes go with a cocktail party, it just depends on what you like. One of the options could be an outdoor wedding with many natural elements such as fresh flowers and trees all around you. All this would give it a cute, rustic charm while still having one modern detail – the cocktails. Another theme could be a classic tropical beach party. And nothing says tropical beach more than a good mixologist’s station. Choose Spanish, salsa music, buy some umbrellas for your glasses and your tropical wedding can start.


Ask for professional help

If you choose to have a wedding cocktail party, it would be smart to arrange every detail beforehand, even the cocktail list. If you don’t know much about it, and you need help in deciding, ask a professional.  A skilful mixologist can offer you a list of cocktails that everybody will love. Or an even more fun and interesting way to go is to let them mix on the spot from the beverages your guests enjoy. If your budget is a bit smaller go with signature cocktails. That way your guests will have a limited list to choose from, but you will still have a cocktail station. Every drink will come with a unique and beautiful decoration which certainly adds to the feeling. The whole process of making cocktails can turn into a little performance with dry ice, coloured foams and much more.

One of the advantages of choosing professional mixologists is their experience in using fresh fruits and vegetables and even flowers for decoration. This way you don’t have to worry that your guests will experience the true flavour of any drink they choose. For all your guests who want to join in on the fun, but they don’t drink alcohol you can always have non-alcoholic cocktails. Australia has a list of places you can go to, and hire great bartenders.

Food that complements cocktails

If you ever thought that you can’t mix cocktails with food, think again. Not only can you mix, but actually some cocktails can even bring out the flavour in certain dishes. A classic Negroni will go great with cheese, and this is something you can serve when the guests arrive. Something that would go great with the whole salsa, beach vibe is definitely margaritas that you can serve with mini nachos. Tequila-based cocktails would go great with tacos or raw fish. You can combine bitter or sour ones with desert which is already sweet enough. However, with an experienced bartender, you don’t have to worry that your food will be paired with cocktails.

You can’t not be creative when it comes to cocktails

Your wedding day is probably the day you will take a lot of photos. And having a mixologist station can add a special, interesting feeling. The decoration of the glass can match your wedding dress, and be very soft and feminine. On the other hand, your partner’s can be a bit more macho and stronger. Imagine how cute the photos will look with cocktails that represent you in a way. You can even come up with some ideas for a creative photoshoot with your guests and family. It will definitely be colourful, fun and memorable for the years to come.

Having a wedding that reflects your personality is pretty important. With new trends, your wedding doesn’t have to look like a crazy party just because you serve cocktails. Now there are many decadent, sophisticated ones that will go with a luxurious wedding. The point is to be yourself, and plan even your wedding accordingly.