How to Throw a One-of-a-Kind Wedding

The wedding day is a very special day in every couple’s life. In the last couple of years, young couples have started going off track when it comes to traditional wedding ceremonies and receptions. More and more couples do their best to make their wedding day one of a kind – an event their guests will gladly remember for years to come. They often find their inspiration not only in their love but also online, on a platform such as Pinterest. Besides the ideas that are already out there, couples tend to add their personal touches as well, which makes this day even more special.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 ideas to throw a one-of-a-kind wedding – keep reading and get your creative juices flowing! First of all, as food and drinks are a base for every event, consider serving special food and treats in a non-traditional way. Also, splurge on a fun cocktail bar – your guests will love these! One of the activities you can incorporate into your wedding is hiring a photo booth. Your guests can have so much fun by taking amusing photos. What would be a great idea is making one area a lounge area, so your guests can rest comfortably. And finally, adding a personal touch to your wedding would be something that would make it totally unique.

1.   Serving Special Food and Treats in a Non-traditional Way

When it comes to food, it is well-known how important it is for any event. Traditionally, people most often went for a classic, local and staple food. However, this trend has changed with globalisation and the widespread use of the internet. Nowadays, young couples want to serve amusing, interesting and appealing food at their weddings. They want to enable their guests to try something new and different. What’s more, they want food to be presented in a visually appealing way. So, if you want to pamper your guests with food, consider some other options besides the classic, everybody-goes-for-them ones. You can review a few caterers, check ideas on Pinterest and find something refreshing to serve on one of the most important days of your life.

2.   Splurge on a Fun Cocktail Bar

Another thing that makes a wedding a memorable and exceptional one is the cocktail bar. Consider raising your wedding to a higher level by designating a fun cocktail bar. It can be a self-serve bar, where all the drinks as well as garnishes and glass décor are laid out and guests mix cocktails on their own. You can give a few recipe suggestions written out on a wooden board or some other decorative way. You can also serve a signature cocktail or have a bartender mixing up all kinds of delicious cocktails.

3.   Hire a Photo Booth

When it comes to some specific activities that can make the wedding even more amusing and enjoyable, you can consider playing some wedding games. This is a great thing for small weddings, but it can be also incorporated at bigger weddings as well. Moreover, what you can do is hire a photo booth.  They come with amusing backdrops and props. Brides and grooms all over the world come to realize how much fun their guests have with these booths. Also, they get to take photos home – it can be like a wedding favour for your guests.


4.   Make a Lounge Area

In most cases, weddings last the whole day and well throughout the night, so people can get tired. You can enable them to rest and get their energy back by making one area a lounge area. They will probably appreciate that very much. After they rest for a while, they can get back to the dance floor all fresh and ready for dancing. Don’t forget to add a charging station as well!

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5.   Add a Personal Touch

Some of the final touches can be your personal touches – these are what will make your wedding truly different from other weddings. You can search online for some ideas: read blogs and find Pinterest boards. These ideas can help you come up with your own idea. Consider adding something that is specific to your heritage, or the local area, or that’s related to you and your future spouse.

Throwing a unique wedding party is creative and fun, but it can seem overwhelming at times, especially in the initial planning phases. To succeed, it’s essential to start on time, do good research and enable your creativity to flourish.