How to Style Your Bridal Squad

When you’re getting hitched, styling the event can feel like a lot of work, especially when it comes to the outfits of your bridal entourage. Your bridal squad — from the bridesmaids to the groomsmen, and everyone in between — are likely your very closest friends and loved ones, which means that you want them to look amazing on your big day. However, the days of dressing your bridal party in puffy, stuffy and matching outfits are long gone. Instead, there’s a host of options for dressing your bridal squad stylishly.

Whether you’re looking for a casual occasion or you want everyone dressed to the nines, there are so many options that can match your personal style and your wedding’s theme. Here’s how you can style your bridal squad so they look almost as amazing as you do — almost.

1.   Matching Colors, Different Shapes

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One great idea for giving your bridal party some slack is to allow them to decide on their suits or dresses within a certain colour range. Some couples may even prefer to offer a specific colour but allow for variation on anything else. Not only can this ensure your bridal squad’s comfort, but it can also offer a striking visual dynamic.

2.   Ranges Of Color

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Alternatively, you can also dress your bridal party in a similar style of outfit with a range of colours. This can be a fantastic choice for couples with a range of wedding colours or who want to go for complementary shades in their decor and outfits.

3.   Suiting Up


Of course, your bridal squad won’t all be wearing dresses — or perhaps, nobody wants to wear a dress. Gender expression and personal style can go a range of ways, and if you have suited members of your bridal squad, a simple suit with a shirt and tie can do the trick — and look effortlessly chic while doing it.

4.   Patterns Abound

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If you’d rather make a splash with your wedding apparel, you can always go for a range of patterns that can make your bridal squad look absolutely vibrant. From suits to dresses, you can go for florals, stripes or even polka-dots if you choose! This can be a great way to make your bridal party look uniform, even if they aren’t wearing the exact same pattern.

5.   Go Neutral

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Perhaps you want to look completely simple. The best way to do that is to simply instruct your bridal squad to show up in a range of neutral colours. Some bridal parties choose to have their squads show up in all black for a sleek and sophisticated look.

6.   Keep It Casual

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Of course, nobody says you have to go all out. In fact, there can be a certain rustic charm in letting things fall as they may. If you’re interested in keeping things chill, you can simply request that your bridal squad show up however it makes them feel most comfortable. Or, an easy way to differentiate, you can have your bridal squad dressed one level of formality above the rest of the guests.

Your Bridal Squad Style

Every wedding is different, and every wedding party has its own unique dynamic. There are so many different options for dressing your bridal party however fits them best — from suiting up to dressing down, you’ll surely find the right fit for you.