How to Ship a Wedding Dress

Shipping a wedding dress is relatively simple. Your reason to send a wedding dress may be for a destination wedding, or you might be selling it for someone else to use. Wedding dresses are valuable and need a little bit of extra care when packing to ship. If you need some guidance on how to ship a wedding dress, here’s a step-by-step guide to getting it from point A to point B with no hassle.

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1. Get the Right Size Box

The first step is to get the correct box to ship your wedding gown. You can get a box in a few different ways. One way is to go to a local post office and purchase a box. Another option is to go to a bridal store — the people working there deal with dresses every day and sometimes save boxes. They will know what size is right for your dress.

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Get a box that is a little bit bigger than your gown when it’s folded in half. One that’s too big will cost you more to ship. One that’s too small will cram the dress and make it wrinkled.

2. Prepare the Gown for Shipment

Next, prepare the gown for shipment. If you are selling the dress, take it out of its preservation box and take photos of it so the person purchasing it knows its exact condition. Carefully wrap the gown in either acid-free tissue paper or muslin, which won’t damage the dress. Then, turn the dress inside out to avoid damage.

Place the dress in a plastic garment bag. This will prevent it from getting wet. After that, you can fold the gown in half from the bodice to the hem. If you’re shipping the dress to a buyer, complete the presentation with more tissue paper.

3. Seal the Box

Then, you’ll want to seal the box to ensure no moisture leaks through. Use heavy-duty packing tape to seal the length of the box down the centre where the flaps open, and bring the tape down the sides as well. Additionally, seal the edges. If there are any other small holes or gaps in the box, tape over those as well.

4. Choose Your Courier Service

After you seal the box, you can choose your courier service. You want to ensure that the dress makes it to the desired location safely and within your timeframe. Research the courier services in your area for pricing, availability, convenience, reputation, size limitations and delivery radius. A wedding dress is a precious item, so treat it with care and choose a reputable courier.

5. Label and Insure the Box

You can give the courier service you choose a heads-up by labelling the package. Writing “wedding dress” on the box lets handlers know to deal with the parcel with a bit more care. Also, make sure you add insurance to the package. Put as much insurance on it as you can afford, and add insurance for the cost of the dress.

6. Add a “Signature Required” and Track the Package

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Finally, add the “signature required” for the wedding dress so the package isn’t just left at the door. The longer it sits at the door, the higher the chance of it getting stolen. Make sure to add tracking to the package so the shipping service can update you on where the dress is at all times.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered Wedding Dress

Take these steps to ensure safe and speedy delivery of your wedding dress, whether you’re shipping it to your wedding destination or selling it to a new bride.