How to ROCK a Brunch Wedding

Sunrise ceremonies and mid-morning weddings might make your heart skip a beat. They’re perfect for early-bird couples and those who need to catch an afternoon flight to their honeymoon. This guide will show you how to rock a brunch wedding so you can plan the perfect day, even if your guests are night owls.

1. Provide Breakfast-Themed Finger Foods

Your guests might not have time to eat a quick breakfast before arriving at your venue. The hotels may not serve the continental breakfast early enough or end it too soon. Either way, guests will appreciate a table of breakfast-themed finger foods where they’ll mingle before your ceremony.

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Stack mini pancakes on toothpicks, serve seasonal fruit skewers or set up a plate of muffins. The snacks will keep hangry complaints at bay while you say your vows or take pictures with family.

2. Shorten Your Schedule

Some ceremonies last up to an hour. Pictures could take another hour or two afterwards. Your guests might struggle to stay awake or get hungry before it’s time for brunch. Consider shortening your schedule to keep things moving. Your officiant can trim your ceremony by a half-hour without making it feel rushed and your photographer can snap photos with family while you get ready. This should also help keep your guests energized and mindful since it will be straight to the point.

3. Set Up a Coffee Bar

Many people can’t start their day without a cup of coffee. Your guests will need a little caffeine to stay awake, especially if they have to travel more than a few minutes from their hotel to your venue. Select a variety of grounds and decide what kind of coffee you’ll serve. If you love an iced coffee, remember to start cold brews 12 hours early so it has time to develop its complete flavour profile.

4. Plan Your Lighting

Wedding pictures look great because photographers know what they’re doing, but lighting also plays a significant role. Morning sunlight can shift from dim to bright in a matter of minutes. It can also shine directly onto your ceremony, creating glares and erasing colours from pictures.

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Think about how the lighting will look during and after your wedding. Discuss the time frame with your photographer so they can plan for sunrise photos or indoor portraits. It depends on your venue’s location and what the weather looks like once the day begins.

5. Reimagine Your Cake

Your reception might feature a menu with all of your favourite brunch foods. Endless plates of bacon, oatmeal and french toast will just be the beginning of your culinary experience. After eating so much breakfast food, the idea of a heavy dessert-like traditional wedding cake might not seem so appetizing.

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Have fun reimagining your wedding cake possibilities. Brunch desserts might fit more naturally with the rest of your meal. Order an angel food cake or make a french breakfast cake with a dusting of powdered sugar. You could also arrange a pastry tower of cinnamon rolls, donuts or scones. As long as you love the desserts, they’ll fit in perfectly with your brunch reception.

Rock Your Brunch Wedding

These are just five ways to rock your brunch wedding. See if these tips help your planning experience and get you even more excited for the most romantic day of your life.

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